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Backdrops (Japanese: はいけい Background) are a type of item in Generation IV. They are stored in the Fashion Case, along with Accessories.

They are primarily used in Super Contests, but can also be used on the second floor of the Jubilife TV building. Only one can be used at a time. Players of Diamond and Pearl can win more daily in the Pokémon Lottery Corner draw, while players of Platinum can get a random one once a day from a woman at the Global Terminal in Jubilife City. Players of HeartGold and SoulSilver can randomly receive Backdrops when entering a drawing that a man in the Goldenrod Tunnel runs, but the chances of getting one decrease the more the player wins. They can also be obtained from a lady in Pal Park who is watching the Catching Show.

List of Backdrops

Backdrop Location
File:Dress Up Backdrop.png
Dress Up
File:Ranch Backdrop.png
File:City Night Backdrop.png
City at Night
File:Snowy Town Backdrop.png
Snowy Town
File:Fiery Backdrop.png
File:Outer Space Backdrop.png
Outer Space
File:Cumulus Cloud Backdrop.png
Cumulus Cloud
File:Desert Backdrop.png
File:Flower Patch Backdrop.png
Flower Patch
File:Future Room Backdrop.png
Future Room
File:Open Sea Backdrop.png
Open Sea
File:Total Darkness Backdrop.png
Total Darkness
File:Tatami Room Backdrop.png
Tatami Room
File:Gingerbread Room Backdrop.png
Gingerbread Room
File:Seafloor Backdrop.png
File:Underground Backdrop.png
File:Sky Backdrop.png
File:Theater Backdrop.png
  • Unknown method

In other languages

Language Title
20px French Décor
20px German Kulisse
20px Italian Sfondi
20px Korean 배경 Baegyeong
20px Spanish Fondo

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