Dark City

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Dark City
ダークシティ Dark City
Dark City
Region Kanto
Debut Showdown at Dark City

Dark City (Japanese: ダークシティ Dark City) is an anime-exclusive location in Kanto found in between the Safari Zone and Cinnabar Island.

The city does not have an official Gym, but two rival Gyms seek the wealth and glory that comes with having an official Gym. When Ash and his friends arrive in Showdown at Dark City, the city was shown to be in disrepair because of the constant warfare from the competing Gyms. The residents of this town detest and fear Pokémon Trainers. A local restaurant owner stated that the Kaz Gym hadn't paid for food in over two years.

The leaders' main Pokémon for the Yas Gym and Kaz Gym are Scyther and Electabuzz respectively. For this reason, their followers do not appear to join for personal connection with a particular type of Pokémon, unlike in most Gyms, and the actions of Yas and Kaz appear to intimidate and recruit Trainers into joining their Gym, lest they join the rival Gym.

After an agent for the Pokémon Inspection Agency determined that neither Gym was worthy of being an official Gym due to using Pokémon as gang tools, the two rivals agreed to stop their street fighting and work together to reconstruct Dark City.


Yas Gym Kaz Gym
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Pokémon seen in Dark City

Kaz's Electabuzz
Yas's Scyther

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 黑暗市 Hāak'am Síh
Mandarin 黑暗市 Hēi'àn Shì
20px Czech Temné město
20px Danish Dark City
20px European French Sombreville
20px Hebrew בעיר האופל
20px Hungarian Árnyékváros
20px Italian Dark City
20px Norwegian Byen Dark
Dark City*
20px Polish Mroczne Miasto
20px Brazilian Portuguese Cidade Sombria
20px Romanian Orașul Întunecat
20px Russian Мрачный город
Spanish 20px Latin America Ciudad Obscura
20px Spain Ciudad Tenebrosa
20px Swedish Dark City

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