Millennium Comet

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Millennium Comet
千年彗星 Millennium Comet
The Millennium Comet, as seen from Hoenn on the first of seven nights.
Region None
Debut Jirachi: Wish Maker

The Millennium Comet (Japanese: 千年彗星 Millenium Comet) is an anime-exclusive location deep in outer space. It is visible from the Pokémon world for only seven nights once every thousand years. It was featured in Jirachi: Wish Maker, where the comet was seen from Hoenn; however, as a celestial body, the Millennium Comet probably could have also been seen from other areas in the Pokémon world.

Due to the Millennium Comet appearing very rarely, many festivals, such as the Millennium Festival, and other celebrations are held during the time the Millennium Comet can be easily seen in the sky.

Energy from the Millennium Comet is absorbed by Jirachi's true eye and released over the course of a millennium into the landscape of Forina in order to keep balance in the Pokémon world. This energy can also be misused in ways such as Butler trying to use the Millennium Comet's energy to create a Groudon and ended up creating a manifestation of evil known as Meta Groudon.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 千年彗星 Qiānnián Huìxīng
20px Danish Millenium-kometen
20px Dutch Millenium Comet
20px Finnish Millennium-komeetta
20px French Comète du Millénaire
20px German Millenium-Komet
20px Italian Cometa del Millennio
20px Korean 천년혜성 Cheonnyeon Hyeseong
20px Brazilian Portuguese Cometa Milênio
20px Spanish Cometa Milenario
20px Swedish Millenniumkometen

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