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Suddenly Starmie
VS スターミー
VS Starmie
Chapter Red, Green & Blue
Collected in Vol. 1
Round number 8
Location Cerulean City
Cerulean Gym
Previous Round Raging Rhydon
Next Round ...But Fearow Itself!

Suddenly Starmie (Japanese: VS スターミー VS Starmie) is the eighth round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Arriving at a huge mansion, Red is in disbelief that Misty actually lives there. Later, before they eat, Misty appears completely dressed up in fancy clothes and joins Red and her maids to eat at the salon table. Red retells the events of Mt. Moon to the maids, rather boastful of his accomplishment, but Misty informs him that they need serious training to prepare for future opponents from Team Rocket. Red doesn't take the idea seriously and mocks Misty for underestimating him, after not being able to see him in action due to fainting herself. Offended, she storms from the salon.

Later that night, Red is in his room when he is attacked by a mysterious wind. However, Saur saves him and he finds a Gyarados scale in the chaos. The next day, while pondering over the assault from the previous night, he confidently tells the maids that he will defeat the Cerulean Gym Leader that same day. The maids begin to laugh at the idea. In the middle of the laughter, Misty says that she can take him to the Leader. When they arrive at the Gym, Misty reveals that she's the real Gym Leader and attacks Red with her Starmie. Red is caught by surprise, while Misty taunts him and reveals that she was the one who attacked him the night before. Furious, Red chooses Saur, but he is easily defeated by Starmie's Bubble Beam.

Red is bewildered by Misty's actions, but the Gym Leader is visibly shaken at Red's carefree attitude. Misty points out how Starmie wasn't strong enough at Mt. Moon, but cleanly knocked Red over. Misty desperately pleads to Red how they need to train to get stronger together, or else Team Rocket would flatten them. Realizing the importance of the matter, Red finally accepts Misty's offer, much to her joyous relief.

After a few days of intense training, learning each other's skills, the two separate to hone their skills individually. Hoping to see each other sometime soon, Red leaves with a Cascade Badge on his T-shirt.

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  • Misty claims that Starmie wasn't enough at Mt. Moon, but she only used her Staryu at the time, so it's really just her assumption, and is a poor example to prove her point to Red.

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