Valley of Steel

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Valley of Steel
ハガネの谷 Valley of Steel
Valley of Steel
Region Hoenn
Debut All Torkoal, No Play

The Valley of Steel (Japanese: ハガネの Valley of Steel) is an anime-exclusive location in the Hoenn region that appeared in All Torkoal, No Play. It is located between Lavaridge Town and Mauville City.

Steel-type Pokémon inhabit the valley, including its skies, and violently protect it from any intruders, including Torkoal, who accidentally stumbled into the area. A road cutting across the Valley of Steel is considered a shortcut. There is a river close to Mauville City at the valley's edge.

Ash and his friends were traveling through the Valley of Steel when they saw Torkoal being attacked by a wild Skarmory and Magnemite. After several skirmishes, Ash helped Torkoal defeat its rival, a Steelix who ruled over the valley. Afterwards, Torkoal decided to join his team.

Pokémon seen in the Valley of Steel


Caught Pokémon

Ash's Torkoal

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 鋼之谷 Gāng-zhī-gǔ
20px Finnish Teräslaakso
20px French Vallée de l'acier
20px German Tal des Stahls
20px Italian Valle d'Acciaio
Spanish 20px Latin America Valle del Acero
20px Spain Valle de Acero
20px Swedish Ståldalen

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