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Wartortle Wars
VS カメール
VS Kameil
Chapter Red, Green & Blue
Collected in Vol. 2
Round number 15
Location Route 7
Celadon City
Pokémon Center
Celadon Hotel
Previous Round That Awful Arbok
Next Round Tauros the Tyrant

Wartortle Wars (Japanese: VS カメール VS Kameil) is the 15th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Red is busy training Saur, but gets concerned when it begins acting strangely after defeating a wild Primeape. Red's concern is lifted when he realizes that Saur has evolved into its next stage, Ivysaur. He is surprised by the arrival of Green, although he doesn't know her name, who flatters him by telling him what a good Pokémon Trainer he must be, and then offers to boost his skills with a selection of "Pokémon items" that will make his Pokémon even "stronger". When he appears about to refuse, she becomes upset and then Red agrees to pay her File:PokémonDollar.png6000 for a selection of items. They are both happy with this arrangement and Green leaves Red with his new items, although his Pokémon don't seem too impressed.

Red is given the chance to try out his new items when he is attacked by a wild Pinsir. He sends Pika into battle, using an HP Up. It doesn't seem to work, so he piles almost every item he bought onto his unimpressed Pikachu. He realizes as Pika is sent skyrocketing that he may have been cheated out of his money.

Some time later, Red checks into the Pokémon Center in Celadon City. While there, he receives a call from Professor Oak, who expresses his pleasure at Saur's evolution. He also mentions Blue's Charmander evolving into Charmeleon, and then adds that the third starter Pokémon, Squirtle, has been stolen from the lab.

As he leaves the Pokémon Center, Red thinks about the number of bad people in the world, before running into Green, who is trying to sell her fake items nearby. When she sees him she flees, but he gives chase, determined to regain his lost money. In an attempt to escape, she calls out her Wartortle to swim along Celadon City's waterways. Then Red calls out the recently caught Snor, which fills the waterway and bumps her back onto the pavement.

When Red confronts Green over the fake items, she feigns an apology and says the only reason that she tricked him was so she could see him again. Grabbing him in a hug, she begs him to forgive her, before pushing him violently away and attacking with Wartortle's Bubble attack. Red is ready for her, and leaps onto Snor, bragging that she can't outsmart a Trainer with two Badges before commanding his Pokémon to use a Mega Punch, which levels the pavement and knocks out Green and Wartortle.

While she's unconscious, Red takes back his money, and using the Pokédex, learns that Wartortle is an evolved form of Squirtle which leaves him wondering. He leaves Green to recover in her own time. However later that night at the Celadon Hotel, as he's getting ready for bed Red is furious to find that his Badges have gone missing, while Green and Wartortle gloat over their two new acquisitions, the Boulder Badge and the Cascade Badge.

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