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For the Ribbons in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, see Sun Ribbon and Lunar Ribbon.

A Ribbon (Japanese: リボン Ribbon) is a special item that can be awarded to a Pokémon for a variety of reasons. Ribbons stay on a Pokémon permanently even across generations and can be checked in different ways depending on the game version.

In the games

Ribbons were first introduced in Generation III. In Generation III, the large majority were obtained by competing in and winning Pokémon Contests, but in later generations, a larger variety of Ribbons have been added. Besides competing in Contests, some Ribbons are awarded for conquering special battle facilities like the Battle Tower, others are obtainable from various NPCs in-game, and some are only distributed on event Pokémon. In Generation III, Ribbons also had no names, they only had unique icons and descriptions.

In the Generation V games, there are no ways to earn any Ribbons in-game, but Pokémon distributed through events could have Ribbons, and Pokémon transferred from a previous generation also retained their Ribbons.

Prior to Generation VI, Ribbons were only added (and a few changed), and if a Pokémon had Ribbons and was transferred to a later generation, all of its Ribbons would be retained and could be viewed on its status screen. Generation VI, however, reduced the total number of Ribbons from 80 to 46 (48 counting different versions of the Contest/Battle Memory Ribbons) by consolidating the Contest and Tower Ribbons from previous generations. If a Pokémon with Contest or Tower Ribbons is transferred from Generation V to VI or VII through Poké Transporter, all of its Contest and Tower Ribbons are replaced by a Contest Memory Ribbon or a Battle Memory Ribbon.

Ribbons are not present in Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!.

In Generation VIII, Ribbons can be equipped to a Pokémon. When sent into battle, the Pokémon will have a special title added after their name based on the Ribbon that is equipped.

Checking Ribbons

Since Generation IV, a Pokémon's Ribbons can be viewed on its summary screen, but in Generation III, Ribbons could only be viewed on the PokéNav in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald and could not be viewed at all in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen (though the data would still be safely retained if a Pokémon had any Ribbons).

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Generation III DPPt HGSS Generation V
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Generation VI SM USUM Generation VIII


The Generation V games introduced categories for the Ribbons, dividing them into League, Contest, Tower, Memorial, and Gift Ribbons.

League Ribbons

Main article: List of Ribbons in the games → League Ribbons

League Ribbons (Japanese: リーグリボン League Ribbons) are awarded to every Pokémon in the player's current party when they enter the Hall of Fame in most games. Different Ribbons are awarded for this in Generation III, in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, in Pokémon X and Y, in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, in Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon, and in Pokémon Sword and Shield. All of these Ribbons are retained if a Pokémon that has them is transferred to a later generation.

Contest Ribbons

Main article: List of Ribbons in the games → Contest Ribbons

Contest Ribbons (Japanese: コンテストリボン Contest Ribbons) are awarded to the winning Pokémon in Pokémon Contests or Pokémon Super Contests. Different Ribbons are awarded for each of the five different Contest categories. In Generations III and IV, different Ribbons are also awarded for each of the four different ranks therein, but in Generation VI, a Ribbon is only earned after winning a Master Rank Contest. A Ribbon for winning all Master Rank Contests is also granted in Generation VI.

Any Contest Ribbons obtained in Generation III are retained if a Pokémon that has them is transferred to Generation IV or Generation V, and any Contest Ribbons earned in Generation IV are retained into Generation V, but if a Pokémon with any Contest Ribbons is transferred from Generation V to Generation VI through Poké Transporter, the Ribbons will be consolidated into a Contest Memory Ribbon.

Contest Ribbons are the only type of Ribbons found in the games to be featured in the anime.

Tower Ribbons

Main article: List of Ribbons in the games → Tower Ribbons

Tower Ribbons (Japanese: タワーリボン Tower Ribbons) are awarded to Pokémon that have been used to conquer various challenges in certain battle facilities.

In the Generation III Battle Tower in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, two Ribbons are awarded for clearing the Level 50 Battle Tower and the Level 100RS/Open LevelE Battle Tower. Ribbons are awarded to party Pokémon upon completion of the eighth consecutive Battle Tower challenge (defeating 56 Trainers in a row) and for completion of any challenge thereafter if a Pokémon does not already have a Ribbon.

In the Generation IV Battle Tower, one Ribbon is awarded for defeating Palmer the first time in a challenge, and one for defeating him the second time. Three additional Ribbons are rewarded for winning 50 times in a row in Double Battles, Multi Battles against the CPU, or Multi Battles with someone, and another Ribbon is awarded for reaching Rank 5 in the Wi-Fi mode.

In Generation VI, two Ribbons are rewarded for defeating a Battle Chatelaine in either a normal battle or a super battle at the Battle Maison. In Generation VII, two Ribbons are awarded for winning against a Battle Legend in the Battle Tree.

Any Tower Ribbons obtained in Generation III are retained if a Pokémon that has them is transferred to Generation IV or Generation V, and any Tower Ribbons earned in Generation IV are retained into Generation V, but if a Pokémon with any Tower Ribbons is transferred from Generation V to Generation VI through Poké Transporter, the Ribbons will be consolidated into a Battle Memory Ribbon.

Memorial Ribbons

Main article: List of Ribbons in the games → Memorial Ribbons

Memorial Ribbons (Japanese: メモリーリボン Memory Ribbons) are usually awarded for an in-game achievement, but some require nothing more than talking to the correct NPC at the correct time. They are often awarded only to the first Pokémon in the player's party, but some are awarded to all members of the player's party.

Gift Ribbons

Main article: List of Ribbons in the games → Gift Ribbons

Gift Ribbons (Japanese: プレゼントリボン Present Ribbons), in contrast to all other types, cannot be obtained in-game in core series Pokémon games. Most are found on event Pokémon. The National Ribbon and the Earth Ribbon can be earned in Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.

Some Gift Ribbons prohibit Pokémon with them from being traded over the GTS or through Wonder Trade.

Gift Ribbon descriptions
Main article: List of Ribbons in the games → Gift Ribbon descriptions

By participating in certain Pokémon activities, (such as the Regional, National, and Global tournaments for 2003, 2004, and 2005) Ribbon descriptions would be associated with certain Gift Ribbons distributed, based on the event itself.

These variable descriptions were removed in the Generation V games.

In the anime

File:Dawn Celestic Contest.png
Dawn being awarded a Ribbon

In the anime, Ribbons are not attached to individual Pokémon like in the games. Instead, they can be compared to Badges received from Gym Leaders in that they are considered proof that a Pokémon Coordinator has won a Pokémon Contest. In contrast with Gym Badges, Coordinators only get one chance of earning a particular Ribbon in a certain Pokémon Contest within a specific time period. They also must compete with other Coordinators to earn it.

Ribbons are awarded by the Chief of the Pokémon Activities Committee, Raoul Contesta, and once a Coordinator collects five Ribbons, they are able to enter the Grand Festival and compete for the title of Top Coordinator. Ribbons do not expire, and multiple years can be used to collect the five needed for the Grand Festival. However, after being used to enter the competition, the five Ribbons cannot be used again. In addition, Ribbons can only be used in the Grand Festival of the region where they were earned, with the notable exception of the Aqua Ribbon.

For a collection of images depicting Ribbons in the anime, please see Ribbons on the Bulbagarden Archives. The following is a list of all known Ribbons from the regions of Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. There are also Ribbons for the Johto and Unova regions, although the locations where they are obtained are unknown.

Kanto Ribbons

Hoenn Ribbons

Sinnoh Ribbons

Other Ribbons

File:Aqua Ribbon.png
The Aqua Ribbon

Aqua Ribbon

The Aqua Ribbon (Japanese: アクアリボン Aqua Ribbon) is the prize given to the winner of the Wallace Cup. It can be used for entering every known Grand Festival, not merely that of the region it is won in. For this reason, Pokémon Coordinators from all over the world travel to the hosting city, which changes every year, to take part in the event.

Terracotta Medal

The Terracotta Medal (Japanese: トネリコメダル Toneriko Medal) is a commemorative Ribbon awarded to the winner of the unofficial Pokémon Contest held annually in Terracotta Town. It cannot be used to enter the Grand Festival.

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Two Pokédex holders, Ruby and Platinum, have obtained Ribbons, although only Ruby has actively collected them. In addition to the main characters, some other characters have been seen with Ribbons in their possession.

Ruby & Sapphire chapter

Over the course of the chapter, Ruby obtained the 20 Hoenn Pokémon Contest Ribbons as a part of a bet with Sapphire. He had also obtained eleven unknown Ribbons outside of Hoenn prior to the events of the chapter.

Courtney was seen burning a Ribbon in Going to Eleven with Loudred & Exploud I.

A Champion Ribbon appeared in a fantasy in The Beginning of the End with Kyogre & Groudon XIII.

Diamond & Pearl chapter

In Perturbed by Pachirisu, Platinum won herself a Normal Rank Cool Ribbon.

In Dramatic Drapion & Crafty Kricketune II, Dr. Footstep gave Platinum, as well as Diamond and Pearl, a Footprint Ribbon as a sign of the bond between them and their Pokémon.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 獎章 Jéungjēung *
緞帶聖章 Dyuhndáai Singjēung *
Mandarin 獎章 / 奖章 Jiǎngzhāng *
緞帶徽章 Duàndài Huīzhāng *
緞帶勳章 Duàndài Xūnzhāng *
緞帶 Duàndài *
绶带 Shòudài *
20px Danish Ribbon
20px Finnish Ruusuke*
20px European French Ruban
20px German Bänder
20px Indonesian Pita
20px Italian Fiocchi
20px Korean 리본 Ribbon
20px Polish Wstążka*
20px Portuguese Fita
Spanish 20px Latin America Listón
20px Spain Cinta
20px Swedish Band*
20px Vietnamese Ruy-băng

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