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This article is about contests in Generations III and VI. For the contests in Generations IV and VIII, see Pokémon Super Contest.

File:ORAS Contest art.png
Brendan and May participating in a Pokémon Contest Spectacular

Pokémon Contests (Japanese: ポケモンコンテスト Pokémon Contest) are a type of competition often contrasted with Pokémon battles and held in Contest Halls. Pokémon are judged on their condition and moves in two rounds, to determine which one is the best of its category.

In the games

Pokémon Contests are in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, and in their Generation VI remakes Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire under the name Pokémon Contest Spectaculars (Japanese: ポケモンコンテストライブ Pokémon Contest Live). A Coordinator enters a Pokémon in one of five categories: Coolness, Beauty, Cuteness, Cleverness, or Toughness and compete against three other Coordinators in two rounds. In Generation IV, these basic ideas were expanded upon with Pokémon Super Contests.

In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, photos can be taken at any point in a Contest Spectacular, and the player is able to save the last photo taken into the Nintendo 3DS Camera. In addition, the 3DS Camera can be used to provide a real-life background during the Talent Round of a Pokémon Contest. This option can be turned on or off by speaking to a man in the Contest Hall who describes this special effect as projecting a "hologram" through the entire hall.

Primary judging

File:ORAS Contest Introduction Round.png
Audience cheering for Milotic in the Introduction Round
File:ORAS Contest Introduction Round Special.png
Special introduction shown in a Cuteness Contest

In the first round, the four Pokémon are rated based on their condition. The audience votes on the Pokémon that looks the coolest, most beautiful, cutest, most clever, or toughest, depending on the category of the contest. Condition stats that are liked by the audience and the Pokémon's sheen also beneficially influence the votes. To raise a Pokémon's condition, Coordinators prepare Pokéblocks of specific colors and feed them to their Pokémon. In Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, how well a Pokémon does in this phase is shown by the number of hearts that appear over the audience members' heads.

This portion is known as the Introduction Round (Japanese: おひろめ Unveiling) in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. In these games, how well a Pokémon does in this phase is shown by the amount of clapping, whistling, and glow sticks that appear in the audience. Additionally, a special introduction is shown for the Pokémon with the highest condition stat of the respective contest.

Within the game itself, the audience score is based on the sum of the following:

  • The full value of the condition in the contest's primary condition stat
  • 50% of the value of the condition in each of the contest's secondary condition stats
  • 50% of the value of the Pokémon's overall sheen

Scarves held by the Pokémon raise the condition stat by 20 points. Thus, if the Pokémon is holding a scarf corresponding to the contest's primary condition stat, it will gain 20 points in the final total, but if the Pokémon is holding a scarf corresponding to either contest's secondary condition stats, it will gain 10 points in the final total.

The table below shows the minimum number of points required to achieve a given number of hearts.

Rank # of hearts
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Normal Rank 0 11 21 31 41 51 61 71 81
Super Rank 0 91 111 131 151 171 191 211 231
Hyper Rank 0 171 201 231 261 291 321 351 381
Master Rank 0 321 361 401 441 481 521 561 601
Link Contest 0 101 201 301 401 451 501 551 601

Secondary judging

File:ORAS Contest Appeal.png
Roselia using Magical Leaf in the Talent Round
Main article: Appeal

In the secondary judging, the four Pokémon take turns appealing (i.e. using certain moves in front of an appointed judge). They are able to affect the performances of each other. Effects on other Pokémon include reducing their number of hearts, making them nervous, and so forth. Moves that are of the same category as the contest the user is competing in may excite the audience, and if the audience becomes extremely excited, the Pokémon scores extra hearts.

Move combinations also score extra hearts. The amount of extra points vary between generations; in Generation III, the follow-up move of a combination receives double the amount of Appeal Points it would have earned otherwise, while in Generation VI the follow-up move earns 3 additional Appeal Points.

Using a move repeatedly will bore the audience in the hall, resulting in point deduction. In Generation III, the Pokémon will lose two hearts the first time a move is repeated, three hearts the second time, and so on. In Generation VI, the Pokémon will only lose one heart every time a move is repeated.

In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, this portion is known as the Talent Round (Japanese: アピール審査 Appeal Examination), during which Coordinators can Mega Evolve their Pokémon when the crowd's excitement reaches its peak. Additionally, pressing the touch screen to the left of the camera button causes the audience to clap, while pressing to the right of the camera button causes the audience to hoot.

After judging

File:ORAS Contest Winner.png
Milotic announced as the winner

After the second round, the four Pokémon's results are shown. Here, stars represent how well the Pokémon did in the primary judging, while hearts indicate how well the Pokémon did in the secondary judging; both fill up the four Pokémon's meters. Each star represents 63 points obtained in the primary judging (rounded up to the nearest star), while each heart represents 40 points (four appeal hearts) obtained in the secondary judging.

The Pokémon whose meter becomes the highest (has the highest cumulative score, formed from the points obtained in the first round and double the value of the points obtained in the second round) is announced as the winner of the competition. In Pokémon Contests, the winning Pokémon is awarded a Ribbon for each of the four different ranks. In Pokémon Contest Spectaculars, however, a Ribbon is only earned after beating the Master Rank.

A small portrait of the winner is painted and placed in the Contest Hall. Additionally, an artist will paint a large painting if the winner of a Master Rank contest wins with at least 800 points. These larger paintings are displayed in the Lilycove Museum. In Generation III, if a Master Rank winner has already earned the Ribbon for that category and rank, the player will be given a Luxury Ball.

Contest ranks

Main article: Rank (Contest)

There are four contest ranks: Normal, Super, Hyper, and Master. Every competition, as well as having one of the five categories, has one of these four ranks. In the Normal Rank, any Pokémon may enter. Any Pokémon that won a Normal Rank contest may move up to the Super Rank in the same category. Likewise, a Super Rank winner can move up to the Hyper Rank, and a Hyper Rank winner can advance to the Master Rank in the same category. In Pokémon Contest Spectaculars, any Pokémon may enter any unlocked rank.

In Ruby and Sapphire, Pokémon Contests of each rank are spread around the Hoenn region. In Emerald, however, Pokémon Contests of all four ranks are held in Lilycove City. In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, there are four Contest Halls across the region, but the player may enter Pokémon Contest Spectaculars of any rank in each Contest Hall.

Multiplayer contests

The player may participate in multiplayer contests by speaking to the Contest Hall receptionist on the right in Generation III, and on the left in Generation VI.

In Ruby and Sapphire, Pokémon Contests can only be held with four players. However, in Emerald, there are two multiplayer modes: E-Mode (Emerald Mode) and G-Mode (Global Mode). E-Mode allows two to four Emerald players to participate in multiplayer contests. If there are less than four players, the remaining slots will be filled in by computers. In G-Mode, four Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald players can participate.


In Generation VI, after a contest has ended, the player may talk to the audience members gathered near the entrances to Contest Halls to receive gifts. These NPCs serve as the player's fans. The higher the rank, the greater the number of fans gathering in the lobby. The maximum number of fans waiting for the player is 10. The following are lists of gifts the player may receive. Note that certain items and Berries are given out only after competing in certain contest ranks.

Normal Rank Super Rank Hyper Rank Master Rank Any Rank
Fresh Water Fresh Water
Sweet Heart Sweet Heart
Cheri Berry Cheri Berry
Chesto Berry Chesto Berry
Pecha Berry Pecha Berry
Rawst Berry Rawst Berry
Aspear Berry Aspear Berry
Leppa Berry Leppa Berry
Oran Berry Oran Berry
Persim Berry Persim Berry
Honey Honey
Soda Pop Soda Pop
Stardust Stardust
Sitrus Berry Sitrus Berry
Figy Berry Figy Berry
Wiki Berry Wiki Berry
Mago Berry Mago Berry
Aguav Berry Aguav Berry
Iapapa Berry Iapapa Berry
Razz Berry III Razz Berry
Bluk Berry Bluk Berry
Nanab Berry III Nanab Berry
Wepear Berry Wepear Berry
Pinap Berry Pinap Berry
Heart Scale Heart Scale
Star Piece Star Piece
Lemonade Lemonade
Pomeg Berry Pomeg Berry
Kelpsy Berry Kelpsy Berry
Qualot Berry Qualot Berry
Hondew Berry Hondew Berry
Grepa Berry Grepa Berry
Tamato Berry Tamato Berry
Cornn Berry Cornn Berry
Magost Berry Magost Berry
Rabuta Berry Rabuta Berry
Nomel Berry Nomel Berry
Spelon Berry Spelon Berry
Pamtre Berry Pamtre Berry
Watmel Berry Watmel Berry
Durin Berry Durin Berry
Belue Berry Belue Berry
Destiny Knot Destiny Knot
Comet Shard Comet Shard
Moomoo Milk Moomoo Milk
Occa Berry Occa Berry
Passho Berry Passho Berry
Wacan Berry Wacan Berry
Rindo Berry Rindo Berry
Yache Berry Yache Berry
Chople Berry Chople Berry
Kebia Berry Kebia Berry
Shuca Berry Shuca Berry
Coba Berry Coba Berry
Payapa Berry Payapa Berry
Tanga Berry Tanga Berry
Charti Berry Charti Berry
Kasib Berry Kasib Berry
Haban Berry Haban Berry
Colbur Berry Colbur Berry
Babiri Berry Babiri Berry
Chilan Berry Chilan Berry
Roseli Berry Roseli Berry
Rage Candy Bar Rage Candy Bar
Shalour Sable Shalour Sable
Lumiose Galette Lumiose Galette
Old Gateau Old Gateau

In the anime

File:Contest judges.png
The panel of judges

Pokémon Contests were introduced early on in Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire and, according to DPS01, they originated in the Hoenn region. The competition is organized by the Pokémon Activities Committee and allows Coordinators to show how skilled their Pokémon can be. Winners are presented with a Ribbon.

A Pokémon Contest is divided into two parts. In the first round, called the Performance Stage, Coordinators have their Pokémon performing their moves in order to showcase their style and skill. The appeals are awarded points by a panel of judges, usually formed by Mr. Contesta from the organizing committee, Mr. Sukizo from the Pokémon Fan Club, and the Nurse Joy from the local Pokémon Center. The Coordinators with the highest scores proceed to the next round. The number of Coordinators that advance to the second round varies. The second round is the Battle Stage, in which Coordinators compete in Pokémon battles while continuing to show off their Pokémon's style and skill. Each battle lasts five minutes and the object of the battle is to decrease the opponent's points. Coordinators lose points when their Pokémon are hit by an attack, when their Pokémon's attack fails, when the opponent's Pokémon performs a particularly appealing move, or when the opponent's Pokémon uses their Pokémon's attack to its own advantage. A battle can also end when one of the Pokémon is unable to battle, called Battle Off by the judges. In this case, the Coordinator with the remaining Pokémon is declared the winner.

A Coordinator needs a Contest Pass from a particular region to enter Pokémon Contests there. Coordinators who win five Ribbons of a specific region are able to enter that region's Grand Festival. A Ribbon won from events such as the Wallace Cup can be used in any region. Also, Ribbons do not expire, and multiple years can be used to collect the five needed for the Grand Festival. However, after being used to enter the Grand Festival, the five cannot be used again. Winners of the Grand Festival earn the Ribbon Cup and become Top Coordinators.

File:Lopunny Kricketune Song Seal.png
Nando's Pokémon sent out with Seals

In Hoenn, Coordinators have to use the same Pokémon for both rounds—although there are exceptions—and the master of ceremonies is Vivian Meridian. When May participated in the Hoenn Grand Festival, two other Nurse Joys from Hoenn came as guest judges. The event was held in Slateport City and ran for three episodes.

In Kanto, Coordinators may enter different Pokémon for each round and the master of ceremonies is Lilian Meridian. The Kanto Grand Festival was held at Indigo Plateau during May's participation. For the competition, the Hoenn announcer, Vivian Meridian, joined the panel of judges while three other Nurse Joys gave scores. Jessie, as Jessadiah, also hosted the event with Lilian. The competition also ran for three episodes.

In Sinnoh, Coordinators may enter different Pokémon for each round and generally dress up to compete. They also use Ball Capsules and Seals to enhance a Pokémon's entrance. Pokémon Contests in the Sinnoh region include both Single and Double Performances, with the Grand Festival featuring the Double Performance format. The master of ceremonies for these events is Marian. During Dawn's participation in the Sinnoh Grand Festival, Top Coordinator and Gym Leader Fantina joined the judges as a guest judge. The event was held at Lake Valor and ran for four episodes.


The following is a list of all known locations hosting Pokémon Contests in the anime:


File:Pokémon Contest Hall Hoenn.png
Inside a Contest Hall in Hoenn
File:Grand Festival Hoenn.png
Site of the Hoenn Grand Festival
Location Winner
Rustboro City Janet
Slateport City Robert
Fallarbor Town May
Verdanturf Town May
Rubello Town Drew
Lilycove City May
Purika City May
Pacifidlog Town May


File:Pokémon Contest Hall Kanto.png
Inside a Contest Hall in Kanto
File:Grand Festival Kanto.png
Site of the Kanto Grand Festival
Location Winner
Saffron City May
Silver Town May
Wisteria Town Harley
Chrysanthemum Island May
Gardenia Town May
Mulberry Town May
Terracotta Town Ash/May


File:Pokémon Contest Hall Sinnoh.png
Inside a Contest Hall in Sinnoh
File:Grand Festival Sinnoh.png
Site of the Sinnoh Grand Festival
Location Winner
Jubilife City Zoey
Floaroma Town Dawn
Alamos Town Allegra
Hearthome City Nando
Sage Town Kenny
Solaceon Town Jessie*
Lake Valor* Dawn
Celestic Town Dawn
Majolica Town Jessie*
Gerbera Town Kenny
Beach Rose Town Nando
Chocovine Town Dawn
Sandalstraw Town Kenny
Lilypad Town James*
Brussel Town Zoey
Daybreak Town Dawn
Neighborly Town Jessie*
Arrowroot Town Salvia*
Eterna City Unknown


In The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing!, Drew and Harley announced that they, along with Solidad, were heading to Johto to participate in Pokémon Contests there, and May decided to follow suit in Home is Where the Start Is!.

In A Full Course Tag Battle!, May was revealed to have been participating in Johto Contests along with her rivals and already won three Ribbons. She returned to Johto following the end of the Wallace Cup in Strategy with a Smile! to continue competing in Contests there.

In Goodbye, Junior Cup—Hello, Adventure!, Dawn headed to compete in the Wallace Cup again, this time held in Johto. She had also participated in Johto Contests, as revealed in Nightfall? Nightmares!.


In Nightfall? Nightmares!, Dawn revealed that there are Pokémon Contests held in Unova.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Ruby & Sapphire chapter

In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Pokémon Contests were introduced in this chapter. Somewhat experienced Pokémon Coordinator Ruby moved to the Hoenn region and ran away from home to participate in Pokémon Contests there, since his father was against him competing in such events. Ruby arranged a bet with Sapphire, vowing to win all the Contest Ribbons in the region in 80 days. He was able to win every Ribbon, thus completing his part in the bet.

The formula of competition follows the one set in the games closely, sharing its two segments.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter

Ruby is credited with the development of several features of the Pokémon Contest Spectacular, alongside Lisia. These include the designs of the Cosplay Pikachu costumes as well as the Contest Costumes to be worn by participating Trainers.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 寶可夢華麗大賽 Pokémon Wàhlàih-daaihchoi *
小精靈華麗大賽 Síujīnglìhng Wàhlàih-daaihchoi *
Mandarin 寶可夢華麗大賽 / 宝可梦华丽大赛 Pokémon Huálì-dàsài *
神奇寶貝華麗大賽 Shénqí-bǎobèi Huálì-dàsài *
20px Danish Pokémon-konkurrence
20px Dutch Pokémon-wedstrijd*
20px Finnish Pokémon-kilpailu
20px French Concours Pokémon
20px German Pokémon-Contest
20px Hindi पोकीमोन प्रतियोगिता (Pokémon Pratiyogita)
20px Indonesian Kontes Pokémon
20px Italian Gara Pokémon
20px Korean 포켓몬 콘테스트 Pokémon Contest
20px Norwegian Pokémon-konkurrans
20px Polish Pokazy Pokémonów*
Zawody Pokémonów*
Turniej Pokémonów*
Konkurs Pokémonów*
Portuguese 20px Brazil Concurso Pokémon (XY138 blurb, manga)
Torneio Pokémon (anime)
20px Portugal Torneio Pokémon
20px Romanian Concurs Pokémon
20px Russian Состязание Покемонов Sostyazaniye Pokémonov
Представление Покемонов Predstavleniye Pokémonov (XY138)
20px Spanish Concurso Pokémon
20px Swedish Pokémon-tävling
20px Urdu پوکیمون پرتیوگیۃ (Pokémon Pratiyogita)
20px Vietnamese Hội trình diễn Pokémon

Pokémon Contest Spectacular

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 華麗現場大賽
Mandarin 華麗現場大賽 / 华丽现场大赛 Huálì Xiànchǎngdàsài
20px Dutch Spectaculaire Pokémon-wedstrijd
20px French Concours Pokémon Live
20px German Pokémon-Wettbewerb Live
20px Italian Gare Pokémon Live
20px Korean 포켓몬 콘테스트 라이브 Pokémon Contest Live
20px European Portuguese Pokémon Contest Spectacular
20px Russian Потрясающий конкурс Покемонов Potryasayushchiy konkurs Pokémonov
20px Spanish Gran Concurso Pokémon

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