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File:Key Ride Pager Sprite.png
Ride Pager Key Item obtain sprite

Poké Ride (Japanese: ポケモンライド Pokémon Ride) is a custom practiced in the Alola region where certain Pokémon are trained as Ride Pokémon to help people travel or perform other tasks. Different Ride Pokémon have strengths suiting them to different tasks. An institution called Alola Transit appears to be involved in the administration of Ride Pokémon. They are a common means of travel in Alola.

Anyone can summon a Ride Pokémon if they have a Ride Pager (Japanese: ライドギア Ride Gear) with the desired Pokémon registered to it. The Ride Pager was developed by Ilima with the help of a friend.

Some Ride Pokémon are trained at Paniola Ranch.

In Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon, Ride Pokémon functionally take the place of HM-taught field moves and certain Key Items—like the Dowsing Machine and the Bicycle—from past games, and while riding one, the encounter rate per step in tall grass, or while riding across water, may be reduced from the default rate on foot. The Ride Pager can be opened by pressing the Y Button once it is obtained. The player can also tap the icons by the Ride Pokémon to register them to different directions on the Control Pad as a shortcut. It is obtained from Hala after the player passes his grand trial.

While riding a Ride Pokémon, the player will wear a special suit known as the Riding Wear (Japanese: ライドウェア Ride Wear). The Riding Wear's appearance differs when riding on a Pokémon that travels on water.

List of Ride Pokémon

Model Image Name Purpose Encounter Rate Unlock requirement
120px 200px Tauros Charge Allows the player to move quickly on land and smash through large boulders. -50% From Hala after defeating him in the Melemele Island grand trial in Iki Town.
120px 200px Stoutland Search Allows the player to find hidden items. -45% Speak to Mallow at Paniola Ranch.
120px 200px Lapras Paddle Allows the player to surf across water. The player can also fish from Lapras's back. -80% From Lana at Brooklet Hill to investigate the splashing.
120px 200px Charizard Glide Allows the player to fly to places they've already been to. N/A From Kiawe at Wela Volcano Park after completing his trial.
120px 200px Mudsdale Gallop Allows the player to run across rocky terrain. -35% From Hapu upon entering Route 12.
120px 200px Sharpedo Jet Allows the player to surf rapidly and smash through rocks in the water. -85% From Grimsley on Route 15 after battling Team Skull in front of the Aether House.
120px 200px Machamp Shove Allows the player to move large blocks. Unchanged From Hapu's grandmother upon entering Ancient Poni Path.

Not registered in Ride Pager

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Model Image Name Purpose Unlock requirement
120px 200px Mantine SurfUSUM Allows the player to surf between islands, performing tricks to earn high scores and BP. Visit the Melemele Alola Photo Club.

In the anime

File:Ride Stoutland anime.png
Ride Stoutland in the anime

Ride Pokémon appear in a slightly expanded role in the anime's Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon. While most Ride Pokémon are still rented, Trainers can own their own personal Ride Pokémon, and can even command them to use moves and participate in battles.

Ride Pokémon first appeared in Alola to New Adventure!, in which a Sharpedo was used by Ash to move around the water in Hau'oli City. In the same episode, several Tauros appeared under the ownership of the Pokémon School, where they were used by Lana, Mallow, and Sophocles.

Ash and Kiawe each used a Ride Tauros in a race in the following episode.

Lana owns a Lapras, which she uses to traverse over the water. When not in use, it is kept in the sea next to her house. It was first seen in Alola to New Adventure!. Kiawe owns a Charizard, which he uses to move around from island to island in order to make deliveries. Beginning in A Mission of Ultra Urgency!, Kiawe used this Charizard on his missions with the Ultra Guardians. It used to belong to his grandfather. It also debuted in Alola to New Adventure!.

In Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio!, several Wailmer and Lapras were used to help in a fishing exercise for Ash and his classmates.

A driver used three Ride Tauros to help pull his cart in To Top a Totem!.

A Ride Pelipper appeared in Young Kiawe Had a Farm!, where it was used by Ash to join Kiawe and his Ride Charizard.

A Trainer used a Ride Lapras in Partner Promises!.

Three Ride Tauros appeared in Alolan Open House!, where they were stolen by Tupp, Rapp, and Zipp from children at the Pokémon School.

Multiple Ride Stoutland appeared in Treasure Hunt, Akala Style!.

Olivia used a Ride Tauros in Big Sky, Small Fry!.

In A Mission of Ultra Urgency!, many Poké Ride Pokémon appeared, including a Garchomp, Metang, Flygon, Dragonair, and Altaria. They were used by Ash, Sophocles, Mallow, Lana, and Lillie, respectively, during their first mission as the Ultra Guardians. Many of them have been used during subsequent Ultra Guardians episodes.

Ash and Acerola used a Ride Mudsdale in Some Kind of Laziness! in order to travel across Haina Desert to the Ruins of Abundance.

A Ride Noivern made its first appearance in Filling the Light with Darkness!, under the command of Gladion, the newest member of the Ultra Guardians.

Ride Mantine first appeared in Alola, Alola!, where Ash, his classmates, and Misty rode them to Treasure Island. Prior to Ride Mantine's proper introduction, the concept of Mantine Surfing appeared in the third Where Are You Going, Eevee? short, where the titular Eevee learned to ride the Mantine it had befriended through the waves. That same Mantine appeared in Alola, Alola!, joining the Ride Mantine on the way to their destination.


In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon chapter

Sun uses his Tauros Charge to help with deliveries. It can be summoned at any time via the Ride Pager. As in the games, while riding a Ride Pokémon, Sun wears the Riding Wear. Once he is done riding the Ride Pokémon, the summoned Pokémon disappears and his outfit changes back.

Mudsdale Gallop debuted in Pokémon Move Specialist Professor Kukui, where Sun was seen using one in a flashback.

Lapras Paddle debuted in True Identity and the Totem Pokémon of Brooklet Hill, where Sun summoned it to traverse through the waters at Brooklet Hill.

Mantine Surf debuted in Shipwreck and "Oh, What Sharp Teeth You Have, Bruxish!", where it was used by Professor Burnet and Lillie to meet with Professor Kukui on his yacht.

Sharpedo Jet debuted in Shipwreck and "Oh, What Sharp Teeth You Have, Bruxish!", where was used by Sun to rescue Lillie after she had been knocked into the sea by a wild Bruxish.

Charizard Glide debuted in A Raid and Po Town, where it was seen in a fantasy Hau had about Poké Rides.

Stoutland Search debuted in A Raid and Po Town, where it was used by Sun to search for Mirage Berries.

Machamp Shove debuted in Thieving and Boss Crabominable, where it was used to protect Sun from a group of Crabrawler and carry him around while his leg was injured.



In other languages

Poké Ride

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 寶可騎行 Poké Kèhhàhng
Mandarin 寶可騎行 / 宝可骑行 Poké Qíxíng
20px Czech Poké jízda
20px Dutch Ride Pokémon
20px French Poké Monture
20px German PokéMobil
20px Hungarian Poké Lovaglás
20px Italian Poképassaggio
20px Korean 포켓라이드 Poké Raideu
20px Polish Pokétransport
20px Russian Покемоны-Шаттлы Pokémony-Shattly
20px Spanish Pokémontura

Ride Pager

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 騎行裝置 Kèhhàhng Jōngji
Mandarin 騎行裝置 / 骑行装置 Qíxíng Zhuāngzhì
20px French Appel-Monture
20px German PokéMobil-Funk
20px Italian Chiamapassagio
20px Korean 라이드기어 Ride Gear
20px Spanish Buscamontura

Riding Wear

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 騎行服 Kèhhàhng Fuhk
Mandarin 騎行服 / 骑行服 Qíxíng Fú
20px German Reitausrüstung
20px Italian Tuta Poképassaggio
20px Korean 라이드웨어 Ride Wear
20px Spanish Ropa Pokémontura

Ride Pokémon

Language Title
20px Japanese ライドポケモン Ride Pokémon
Chinese Cantonese 坐騎寶可夢 Johkèh Pokémon
Mandarin 坐騎寶可夢 / 坐骑宝可梦 Zuòjì Pokémon
20px Danish Transport-Pokémon
20px Dutch Rit-Pokémon
20px Finnish Ratsu-Pokémon
20px French Poké Monture
20px German PokéMobil-Pokémon
20px Italian Pokémon del Poképassaggio
20px Korean 라이드포켓몬 Ride Pokémon
20px Norwegian Ride Pokémon*
20px Polish Pokémon Transportowy
Portuguese 20px Brazil Pokécarona
20px Portugal Transporte Pokémon
20px Russian Покемон-шаттлы Pokémon-Shattly
20px Spanish Pokémontura
20px Swedish Transport-Pokémon

Tauros Charge

Language Title
20px Japanese ケンタロス ラッシュ Kentauros Rush
Chinese Cantonese 肯泰羅衝撞 Hángtaailòh Chūngjohng
Mandarin 肯泰羅衝撞 / 肯泰罗冲撞 Kěntàiluó Chōngzhuàng
20px French Charge Tauros
20px German Tauros-Rammbock
20px Italian Carica Tauros
20px Korean 켄타로스 러시 Kentaros Rush
20px Spanish Carga Tauros

Stoutland Search

Language Title
20px Japanese ムーランド サーチ Mooland Search
Chinese Cantonese 長毛狗搜尋 Chèuhngmòugáu Sáuchàhm
Mandarin 長毛狗搜尋 / 长毛狗搜寻 Chángmáogǒu Sōuxún
20px French Mastouf'Flair
20px German Bissbark-Detektor
20px Italian Fiuto Stoutland
20px Korean 바랜드 서치 Baland Search
20px Spanish Olfateo Stoutland

Lapras Paddle

Language Title
20px Japanese ラプラス スイム Laplace Swim
Chinese Cantonese 拉普拉斯游泳 Lāaipóulāaisī Yàuhwihng
Mandarin 拉普拉斯游泳 Lāpǔlāsī Yóuyǒng
20px French Brasse Lokhlass
20px German Lapras-Wellenritt
20px Italian Nuoto Lapras
20px Korean 라프라스 스윔 Lapras Swim
20px Spanish Nado Lapras

Charizard Glide

Language Title
20px Japanese リザードン フライト Lizardon Flight
Chinese Cantonese 噴火龍飛行 Panfólùhng Fēihàhng
Mandarin 噴火龍飛行 / 喷火龙飞行 Pēnhuǒlóng Fēixíng
20px French Air Dracaufeu
20px German Glurak-Flieger
20px Italian Aero Charizard
20px Korean 리자몽 플라이트 Rizamon Flight
20px Spanish Vuelo Charizard

Sharpedo Jet

Language Title
20px Japanese サメハダー ジェット Samehader Jet
Chinese Cantonese 巨牙鯊噴射 Geuihngàhsā Panseh
Mandarin 巨牙鯊噴射 / 巨牙鲨喷射 Jùyáshā Pēnshè
20px French Turbo Sharpedo
20px German Tohaido-Düse
20px Italian Turbo Sharpedo
20px Korean 샤크니아 제트 Sharknia Jet
20px Spanish Propulsión Sharpedo

Mudsdale Gallop

Language Title
20px Japanese バンバドロ ダッシュ Banbadoro Dash
Chinese Cantonese 重泥挽馬飛奔 Chúhngnàihwáahnmáh Fēibān
Mandarin 重泥挽馬飛奔 / 重泥挽马飞奔 Zhòngníwǎnmǎ Fēibēn
20px French Bourrino'Galop
20px German Pampross-Galopp
20px Italian Fuoristrada Mudsdale
20px Korean 만마드 대시 Manmadeu Dash
20px Spanish Todoterreno Mudsdale

Machamp Shove

Language Title
20px Japanese カイリキー プッシュ Kairiky Push
Chinese Cantonese 怪力猛推 Gwaailihk Máahngtēui
Mandarin 怪力猛推 Guàilì Měngtuī
20px French Poussée Mackogneur
20px German Machomei-Stoß
20px Italian Spinta Machamp
20px Korean 괴력몬 푸시 Goeryeokmon Push
20px Spanish Empuje Machamp

Mantine Surf

Language Title
20px Japanese マンタインサーフ Mantain Surf
Chinese Cantonese 巨翅飛魚衝浪 Geuihchifēiyùh Chūnglohng
Mandarin 巨翅飛魚衝浪 / 巨翅飞鱼冲浪 Jùchìfēiyú Chōnglàng
20px French Surf Démanta
20px German Mantax-Surfen
20px Italian Surf Mantine
20px Korean 만타인서핑 Mantine Surf
20px Brazilian Portuguese Surfe Mantine
20px Russian Сёрфинг с Мантайном Syorfing s Mantaynom
20px Spanish Surfeo Mantine

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