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File:Ultra Wormhole SM.png
An Ultra Wormhole

An Ultra Wormhole (Japanese: ウルトラホール Ultra Hole) is an unstable portal connecting the Pokémon world to Ultra Space discovered by Professor Mohn.


Not much is known about what causes Ultra Wormholes to form, but it is known that Cosmog can open them under heavy duress, at the cost of expending a lot of its energy, whereas its final evolutions Solgaleo and Lunala can open them more easily. Necrozma and its two other forms can also open Ultra Wormholes.

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, multiple Ultra Beasts enter Alola through a series of Ultra Wormholes when Lusamine forces Nebby to open them all across the region. In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Necrozma opens multiple Ultra Wormholes across the Alola region after fusing with Nebby.

In The Crown Tundra DLC for Pokémon Sword and Shield, it is revealed by Peonia that a SolgaleoSw/LunalaSh arrived at the Max Lair through an Ultra Wormhole. This later causes multiple Dynamaxed Legendary Pokémon to arrive from the Ultra Wormhole and make their home in the Max Lair. After the Legendary Clue? has been obtained, Necrozma appears and opens up an Ultra Wormhole above the Crown Tundra, causing Dynamaxed Ultra Beasts to invade the Max Lair.


In Pokémon Sun and Moon, the player can travel through a spacetime rift at the top of the Altar of the SunneS or the Altar of the MooneM, which takes them to a parallel world where the time of day is opposite to their original world and with the Altar of the Sunne or Moone and the Lake of the Sunne or Moone replaced by their counterparts. They can only travel through this spacetime rift if they are the Champion and have Solgaleo in the party at night or Lunala during the day. In this parallel world, the spacetime rift is replaced by an Ultra Wormhole that the player can travel through at any time.

In Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the player is also able to travel through Ultra Wormholes by riding on the back of Solgaleo or Lunala. This feature is known as the Ultra Warp Ride. While traveling through Ultra Space, the player can encounter Ultra Wormholes that lead them to the worlds of individual Ultra Beasts. They can also find warp holes that take them to locations that are light-years away that may contain Legendary Pokémon.


Some humans have passed through Ultra Wormholes, such as Anabel, and are known as Fallers (Japanese: Fall). They have a strange energy about them that the Ultra Beasts mistake for another wormhole, causing them to pursue Fallers under the impression that they are the way back home. The International Police has quietly assigned Fallers as bait to lure out Ultra Beasts in their missions to stop them. Examples of this include an unnamed female Faller who accompanied Looker and Nanu on a mission to track down a Guzzlord, and the player in Looker and Anabel's missions to catch the Ultra Beasts.

In the anime

Main series

File:Ultra Wormhole anime.png
An Ultra Wormhole in the anime

Ultra Wormholes first appeared in A Dream Encounter!, where Ash saw two of them in a dream. He witnessed a Solgaleo and a Lunala each emerging from them one of them, and promised to take care of Nebby for the two Legendary Pokémon. These same wormholes reappeared in a flashback in Family Determination!.

An Ultra Wormhole was seen in flashback scenes in A Masked Warning! and Mission: Total Recall!, where it was opened up by Faba using a machine, and a Nihilego emerged from it. The Ultra Beast took notice of Lillie and proceeded to attack her. As it tried to take Lillie away, she was rescued by Silvally, who attacked Nihilego and sent it retreating back into the Ultra Wormhole, which then disappeared.

In Faba's Revenge!, Faba used Nebby's power to open an Ultra Wormhole, which a Nihilego entered through. The Ultra Beast attempted to take Lillie with it, but Lusamine protected her and Gladion, causing the Parasite Pokémon to take her with itself back through the wormhole, which closed in its wake.

In Revealing the Stuff of Legend!, Ash performed Searing Sunraze Smash with Nebby, who had just evolved into Solgaleo, allowing it to open an Ultra Wormhole for Ash, his classmates, and Gladion to travel through to Ultra Deep Sea, where they arrived in the next episode. After saving Lusamine from the alien world, the group returned to their own world through another wormhole created by Nebby in 10,000,000 Reasons to Fight!. This wormhole was briefly seen again in a flashback in the next episode.

In A Mission of Ultra Urgency!, an Ultra Wormhole opened in the sky above Melemele Meadow, from which a Buzzwole fell through. After the Ultra Guardians successfully caught Buzzwole, Professor Burnet temporarily opened a new wormhole above the meadow, allowing Buzzwole to return to its home world. In the same episode, a Poipole was seen emerging from another wormhole, which it had already been shown traveling through six episodes earlier.

About 200 years prior to the events of Rise and Shine, Starship!, an Ultra Wormhole had opened in the sky above Bamboo Hill, and a Celesteela had fallen through it. It remained rooted down on the spot where it had landed until it was accidentally discovered by Sophocles.

In Twirling with a Bang!, a Blacephalon was revealed to have just entered Alola through an Ultra Wormhole. It performed in front of a group of people at a fireworks festival, during which the explosions it created caused another Ultra Wormhole to appear. From this wormhole, a Xurkitree appeared and started roaming around Melemele Island. Eventually, after the Ultra Guardians successfully caught the two Ultra Beasts, Professor Burnet opened a new wormhole for each of them to return to their respective homes.

An Ultra Wormhole was opened by Professor Burnet's machine in The Long Vault Home!, allowing a Stakataka to enter it and return to its home world.

In Filling the Light with Darkness!, an Ultra Wormhole opened in Poipole's home world, from which Nebby and Lunala appeared. The two Legendary Pokémon later fleed through the wormhole from Necrozma. The wormhole was later seen above the Altar of the Sunne, where it had been obscured by a mass of dark clouds that covered the sky. It was revealed when the clouds were cleared, after which Lunala and Necrozma emerged from it. Another Ultra Wormhole briefly opened above Melemele Island in the next episode, from which Nebby emerged to help Lunala. Later, a second wormhole was created by Necrozma, who escaped through it back to Poipole's home world while possessing Nebby, before the wormhole closed.

Lunala created an Ultra Wormhole in The Prism Between Light and Darkness!, which it and the Ultra Guardians used to travel to Poipole's home world. After Necrozma had returned to its original Ultra form in the next episode, they traveled through the closing wormhole again and returned to Alola.

In Parallel Friendships!, an Ultra Wormhole opened at the Ultra Ruin. It first appeared during a flashback, where Dia unsuccessfully tried to send the Guzzlord that had been terrorizing the dimension into it. In the present, Ash and Dia eventually managed to push the Guzzlord into the closing wormhole and send it back to its home world, thanks to the help of a Shiny Tapu Koko.

In Beauty is Only Crystal Deep!, an Ultra Wormhole opened at Melemele Island and a Pheromosa emerged from it. It soon began to steal Z-Crystals from Trainers around Alola. Eventually, after Pheromosa was defeated by Bewear and caught by the Ultra Guardians, Professor Burnet temporarily opened another wormhole so that Pheromosa could return home.

An Ultra Wormhole appeared in a flashback in The Secret Princess!, where Mohn was seen getting sucked into it at Aether Paradise.

In Living on the Cutting Edge!, a Kartana appeared in Alola through an Ultra Wormhole. At the end of the episode, Kartana was revealed to be able to slice through space and create its own Ultra Wormholes, using one created this way to return itself home.

In Enter the Champion!, an Ultra Wormhole opened above Manalo Stadium, from which a Guzzlord fell out, interrupting the Manalo Conference award ceremony. The same wormhole reappeared in the next episode, where the four Island Kahunas, with the help of the guardian deities, succeeded in sending Guzzlord back into it before it closed. Meanwhile, two Shiny Guzzlord appeared at the stadium through their own wormholes. While Gladion, Hau, and Ash's classmates succeeded in sending one of them back into its wormhole before it closed, Ash and Professor Kukui weren't as lucky with the other one. Just then, Ash's Naganadel appeared from a wormhole it had created for itself and used it to help send the last Guzzlord back into Ultra Space.

In Dreams of the Sun and Moon!, an Ultra Wormhole opened above Professor Kukui's house, which Ash's Naganadel used to return to its home world, after sharing a tearful goodbye with Ash once again.

Pokémon Evolutions

Multiple Ultra Wormholes appeared in The Eclipse. One was first seen in a flashback, where Lusamine forced Nebby to open one at Aether Paradise. Later, Lusamine, Guzma, and Necrozma appeared at the Altar of the Moone through an Ultra Wormhole. Once Necrozma had absorbed Nebby, it opened multiple wormholes with its powers.

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon chapter

An Ultra Wormhole first appeared in The Decision and the Tournament of Six, when Moon first spotted it in the sky near Mahalo Trail, just before saving Nebby from a flock of Spearow. Afterwards, when Gladion arrived late for the tournament at an Iki Town festival, he revealed that the reason for his absence was the same wormhole, which was spotted by and worried his Type: Null.

In The Final Match and a Surprising Finale!, during Sun and Gladion's battle at the festival tournament, a large amount of energy shot from the Ultra Wormhole and entered Sun's Sparkling Stone. The energy allowed Sun and his Dollar to use a Z-Move to defeat Gladion's Type: Null and win the tournament.

In True Identity and the Totem Pokémon of Brooklet Hill, when Moon and Mallow traveled to Lush Jungle, they witnessed Tapu Lele battling a Xurkitree emerging from an Ultra Wormhole in the sky above the forest. Moon attempted to capture Xurkitree with a Poké Ball-tipped arrow fired from her bow, but the Ultra Beast avoided capture and retreated back into the wormhole, which then closed shut.

In A Raid and Po Town, when Mallow, Lana, Kiawe, Ilima, and Hau traveled to Po Town to talk with Team Skull, they found themselves surrounded by a Pheromosa, a Celesteela, and a Guzzlord, which started attacking everyone around them. When the Trial Captains' Pokémon started surviving longer than Guzma had expected, he revealed the Cosmog he had under his possession and had it start opening more wormholes in order to make more Ultra Beasts appear. One of the Ultra Beasts that came through these new wormholes was a Nihilego, which proceeded to grab Guzma and drag him back through the wormhole it had come from.

In Summon the Emissaries of the Moon and the Sun, an Ultra Wormhole opened at the Poni Altar. Through it, Necrozma appeared and dragged Sun and Solgaleo into Ultra Space, followed by Moon and Lunala.

In Adventure in the Dark Dimension, the aforementioned wormhole was revealed to still be open six months later. In Darkness!! The Mysterious Claws of Necrozma!, Phyco arrived at the Poni Altar through it via Ultra Warp Ride and met Lusamine, whom he then led to Ultra Megalopolis, along with a group of Aether Foundation Employees.

In Ray of Light!! Through the Crack in the Sky!, an Ultra Wormhole was revealed to have opened above Mount Lanakila. Through it, Sun, Moon, and Lusamine were sucked back to Alola, along with Solgaleo, Lunala, and Necrozma. In Destroy!! Results of the Training!, Dulse was also drawn through the same wormhole due to the Ultranecrozium Z that he was been carrying, which was absorbed by Necrozma.

In Finale!! The Battle Against the Other Dimension!, an Ultra Wormhole appeared above Aether Paradise, from which several Nihilego appeared, dragging Faba into it. After the Ultra Recon Squad had captured Necrozma on Mount Lanakila later in the same round, the Ultra Beasts present in Alola sensed that the threat to them had passed and started heading back to Ultra Space through the wormhole above the mountain.

Pokémon Horizon

In Rockruff's Secret, Dulio revealed that Team Kings was trying to steal Akira's Rockruff because the mysterious red stone on its neck had the power to open an Ultra Wormhole, which the team intended to use to summon Solgaleo.

In The Legend Revealed, Meja, the boss of Team Kings, revealed that his ancestor, an ancient dictatorial king, had aimed to open an Ultra Wormhole in order to obtain Solgaleo's infinite energy. In Power of the Bond, Meja succeeded in capturing Akira's Rockruff and placed inside a machine, using the red stone's power to open a wormhole. However, in The Opened Wormhole, another wormhole opened right next to the first one, with Lunala emerging simultanously with Solgaleo. Tokio revealed that he had rigged the machine to summon Lunala as well, using it to suppress Solgaleo's powers.

In To a New Horizon!, Solgaleo and Lunala created a new pair of wormholes and disappeared into them.


  • The Ultra Wormholes were revealed to have been based on black holes and fractured glass.[1]

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 究極之洞 Gaugihk-jī Duhng
Mandarin 究極之洞 / 究极之洞 Jiūjí-zhī Dòng
20px Danish Ultraormehul
20px Dutch Ultra-wormgat*
Ultra Wormhole*
20px Finnish Ultramadonreikä
20px French Ultra-Brèche
20px German Ultrapforte
20px Hungarian Ultra Wormhole
Ultra dimenziókapukon[2]
20px Indonesian Ultra Wormhole
20px Italian Ultravarco
20px Korean 울트라홀 Ultra Hole
20px Malaysian Lubang Ultra
20px Norwegian Ultra-ormehull
20px Polish Ultratunel
20px Brazilian Portuguese Ultrafenda Espacial
20px Russian Ультрачервоточина Ul'trachervotochina*
Ультра-Нора Ul'tra-Nora[3]
20px Spanish Ultraumbral
20px Swedish Ultra Maskhål
20px Thai อุลตร้าโฮล Ultra Hole
20px Vietnamese Lỗ sâu Ultra


Language Title
Chinese Cantonese Fall
Mandarin Fall
20px French Imprégnée
20px German Gezeichnete
20px Italian Errante
20px Korean Fall
20px Spanish Ultranseúnte


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