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モーン Mohn
Model from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
Gender Male
Eye color Green
Hair color Blond
Hometown Unknown
Region Alola
Relatives Lillie (daughter), Gladion (son), Lusamine (wife)
Generation VII
Games Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon
Anime debut Showdown on Poni Island!
English voice actor Jeremy Levy
Japanese voice actor Jirō Saitō

Mohn (Japanese: モーン Mohn) is a character introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

In the games

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

Mohn watches over Poké Pelago and explains it to the player. He was Lusamine's husband and is Lillie's and Gladion's father. As a professor working for the Aether Foundation, he was the first to confirm the existence of Ultra Wormholes and Ultra Beasts. A few years before the events of Sun and Moon/Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, he vanished while on a mission to try to connect to an Ultra Wormhole, leaving behind only a weakened Cosmog, some papers on Nihilego, and a theory on the wormholes. It is uncertain how he ended up on Poké Pelago, and it is never discussed during the events of the games.

In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, after defeating Gladion at the Pokémon League, Mohn will pay a visit to Aether Paradise. Upon seeing Lusamine, he introduces himself as Mohn and compares the Paradise to Poké Pelago. Lusamine asks if it is his first time visiting Aether Paradise, to which Mohn affirms. Accepting that Mohn has both completely forgotten his past and finally found happiness, Lusamine bids him farewell.



150px 150px
Overworld model from
Sun and Moon
Overworld model from
Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon


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In the anime

File:Lusamine Mohn wedding photo.png
Lusamine and Mohn's wedding photo

As a younger man, Mohn moved to the Alola region to continue researching Ultra Wormholes. He was also a powerful Trainer, who defeated Hala and earned himself a Z-Ring.

He founded the Aether Foundation alongside his wife Lusamine, and their colleagues Faba and Wicke. One day, Mohn was sucked into an Ultra Wormhole during one of his experiments, and had been presumed dead ever since. This accident caused Lusamine a lot of grief and she decided to never talk to her young children about their father. Lusamine almost placed his research into confidentiality, though Faba ended up moving it all to his lab on Aether Paradise.

Mohn debuted in Mission: Total Recall!, where he was partially seen in a wedding photograph with Lusamine.

Mohn made his physical debut in a flashback in Showdown on Poni Island!. Lillie encountered her brother Gladion on Poni Island while he was searching for Tapu Fini, having heard that it possessed the ability to allow the living and dead to see each other again. Lillie said she had heard that he passed away while researching Ultra Wormholes, but Gladion was unable to confirm this.

In Memories in the Mist!, Gladion and Lillie searched through Tapu Fini's mist for Mohn, but were unable to find him. Hapu informed them that this was likely because Mohn was, in fact, still alive, and they decided to tell Lusamine of this possibility.

In The Secret Princess!, the Aether Foundation began searching for Mohn after Gladion informed Lusamine of his findings. Lusamine came to realize that her children were still very interested in their father and went on to reveal his secret study inside the family's Melemele Island mansion and entrust it to their care for the time being. She and Hobbes also revealed a lot about Mohn's past as a Trainer. Lillie discovered her father's Z-Ring, and she later received permission from Hala to temporarily wield it. She also uncovered an inactive Shiny Magearna, which Mohn had planned to repair so it could be a friend for her, but he never managed to get it working before he disappeared. Lillie then found one of her father's journals tucked behind the Artificial Pokémon, which documented his notes on Magearna.

In Chasing Memories, Creating Dreams!, when Gladion located his Zoroark on Melemele Island, Zoroark created an illusion of a moment from Gladion's childhood involving Mohn. Gladion informed Mohn that the then-infant Lillie was crying, earning thanks from Mohn. Lusamine then entered the room with Lillie, and Mohn helped her to stop crying.

Mohn briefly appeared in a flashback in Final Rivals!. When Gladion sent Zoroark out during his battle with Ash in the Manalo Conference, he thought of Mohn and asked his father to give him strength.

In Dreams of the Sun and Moon!, Mohn appeared, again as a part of Zoroark's illusion, which recreated the day Lillie first learned how to walk as an infant.

Mohn appeared in a flashback in Thank You, Alola! The Journey Continues!, where he was seen in a photo.


Zoroark's Illusions revealed that Mohn was a family man who went out of his way to spoil his young children. He is also a meticulous researcher, as seen through his journal on Magearna and archived Aether Foundation documents.


This listing is of Mohn's known Pokémon in the anime:


Mohn's Zoroark
Zoroark is Mohn's only known Pokémon. It appeared during a flashback in The Secret Princess!, where it was seen battling Hala and his Hariyama. Zoroark was separated from Mohn when its Trainer disappeared into an Ultra Wormhole. Sometime after it ran away.

In Chasing Memories, Creating Dreams!, Gladion managed to find Zoroark on Poni Island and told it that Mohn was alive. He asked it to come with him to find Mohn, and Zoroark accepted. It is now under Gladion's care and housed in a Dusk Ball.

Zoroark's known moves are Night Daze and Shadow Claw, and its Ability is Illusion.
Zoroark can also perform the Z-Move Never-Ending Nightmare.

Debut The Secret Princess!
Voice actors
Japanese Ryota Iwasaki
English Erica Schroeder


Magearna 10px
This Shiny Magearna was a Pokémon that Mohn found and purchased at an antique store. He then stored it away in his secret study and planned on reviving it so it could play with Lillie, but he was never able to before his disappearance.

After learning of Magearna's existence in The Secret Princess!, Lillie went on to study Mohn's journals on Magearna. She fulfilled her father's dream and reactivated Magearna because of her raw emotions in Dreams of the Sun and Moon!.

None of Magearna's moves are known.

Debut The Secret Princess!


Alola trials

This listing is of the trials Mohn has cleared in the Alola region:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 斉藤次郎 Jirō Saitō
English Jeremy Levy
Finnish Jarmo Koski
Polish Hubert Paszkiewicz
European Spanish Juan Antonio Arroyo


  • Mohn is the only recurring character in the anime to appear solely through flashbacks.


Language Name Origin
Japanese モーン Mohn From Mohn (German for poppy)
English, German, French Mohn Same as Japanese name
Spanish Polo From amapola (poppy)
Italian Paver From papavero (poppy)
Korean Mohn Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 莫恩 Mò'ēn Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 莫恩 Mohkyān
Brazilian Portuguese Mauro Similar to his Japanese name

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