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Harper & Sarah
ホウとスイ Hō & Sui
Harper (left) and Sarah (right)
Gender Female
Eye color Blue (both)
Hair color Blue (both)
Hometown Konikoni City*
Hau'oli City*
Region Alola
Relatives Unnamed father and mother, Lana (older sister)
Trainer class Twins (Double Battle)
Preschoolers (individually)
Generation VII
Games Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon
Anime debut Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio!
English voice actor Harper: Eileen Stevens (SM005-SM059)
Harper: Haven Paschall (SM082-present)
Sarah: Kate Bristol (SM005-SM059)
Sarah: Emily Cramer (SM082-present)
Japanese voice actor N/A

Harper (Japanese: ホウ ) and Sarah (Japanese: スイ Sui) are characters appearing in Pokémon Sun and Moon and the Pokémon anime. They are the younger twin sisters of Lana.

In the anime

Harper and Sarah appeared as recurring characters in Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon. They debuted in Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio!, when Lana brought Ash over to her house. The twins immediately took a liking to Ash's Pikachu and started pulling at his face, much to Pikachu's dislike. The twins also wondered if Ash was Lana's boyfriend, though Lana quickly denied this. Shortly after, Pikachu had enough of Harper and Sarah's antics and used Thunderbolt to shock them both, as well as Ash, Rowlet, Lana, Lana's Popplio, and Rotom.

Harper and Sarah visited the Pokémon School along with their mother during the Family Visit Day in Alolan Open House!, and later in Lillier and the Staff! to watch Lana perform in a school play.

In The Dex Can't Help It!, Harper and Sarah gathered around a fan, only to be shocked when Rotom appeared inside it.

Harper and Sarah reappeared during a flashback in Tasting the Bitter with the Sweet!, where they informed Lana about their encounter with a Drampa while they were lost in the forest. Lana immediately remembered her own encounter with a Drampa, so she, Mallow, and Ash went out to locate it.

In All They Want to Do is Dance Dance!, Harper and Sarah performed in Lana and Popplio's water balloon routine for a PokéDance concert held at the Pokémon School.

After Lana complained of her sisters' obsession with haunted houses, her friends opted to transform the school into a haunted house attraction for the twins in A Haunted House for Everyone!. Harper and Sarah enjoyed the experience and were unfazed even with the arrival of some Ghost Pokémon. A Mismagius later transported everyone into a world of illusions, during which Harper and Sarah ignored Lana's commands and continued to get lost within it. They all escaped unharmed after Komala intervened, though the twins remained unaware that they were in any danger.

In We Know Where You're Going, Eevee!, Harper and Sarah played with Popplio and Lana's newly caught Eevee before greeting their father as he returned home.

Harper and Sarah briefly appeared in Thank You, Alola! The Journey Continues!, where they watched as Lana was about to leave with on her sea voyage with their father.


File:Harper Sarah Turtonator.png
Harper and Sarah after touching Turtonator's spine
File:Harper Sarah Scared.png
Harper and Sarah scared of Lana

Harper and Sarah are easily excitable, especially around Pokémon. Their playing tends to be a little rough, like in Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio!, where they were pulling on Pikachu's cheeks so hard that it got them shocked; and in The Ol' Raise and Switch!, where they were recklessly jumping on Turtonator's back.

The twins enjoy spending time with their older sister Lana. They also enjoying teasing her, often embarrassing Lana in the process. For example, they asked if Ash is her boyfriend in Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio! and All They Want to Do is Dance Dance!. However, they are capable of complying with Lana, such as in A Haunted House for Everyone!, where, after they ignored all of her commands and continued to explore the illusory world, Lana's ominous scolding was all that it took to frighten them into submission.

The twins often fight over certain things, such as a fan in The Dex Can't Help It! and a Magikarp pillow in the Poké Problem segment of SM094.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
English Harper: Eileen Stevens (SM005-SM059) / Haven Paschall (SM082-present)
Sarah: Kate Bristol (SM005-SM059) / Emily Cramer (SM082-present)
Finnish Harper: Saara Lehtonen
Sarah: Katja Sirkiä (SM005-SM059) / Unknown voice actess (SM082)
Greek Στέλλα Μπονάτσου Stella Bonatsou
Polish Magdalena Wasylik

In the games

Harper and Sarah can be found in Lana's house in Konikoni City. After defeating OliviaSM or becoming ChampionUSUM, the player can speak to them, and they will ask the player to play with them. After defeating Harper and Sarah in a Double Battle, Lana will come in and apologize for any trouble they may have caused. The player will then be able to battle Lana.


This is a list of Harper and Sarah's Pokémon in the games:

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon



Language Name Origin
Japanese ホウ From 放水 hōsui (water spray)
English Harper
French Peggy
German Hannah
Italian Sabrina From the name Sabrina and possibly brina (frost)
Spanish Loles
Korean Hong Similar to her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 詩婷 / 诗婷 Shītíng Similar to her sister's name
Chinese (Cantonese) 詩婷 Siting Similar to her sister's name
Brazilian Portuguese Júlia


Language Name Origin
Japanese スイ Sui From 放水 hōsui (water spray)
English Sarah
French Cécile
German Zoe
Italian Giada From the Italian name Giada and possibly rugiada (dew)
Spanish Silvia
Korean Seon Similar to her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 詩涵 / 诗涵 Shīhán Contains 涵 hán (contain; soak)
Chinese (Cantonese) 詩涵 Sihaam Contains 涵 haam (contain; soak)
Brazilian Portuguese Sara Similar to her English name

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