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ノア Noa
Gender Female
Eye color Mauve
Hair color Wine
Hometown Unknown
Region Alola
Relatives Unnamed husband (prior to Alola, Alola!)
Anime debut Racing to a Big Event!
English voice actor Jessie Kane Gill
Japanese voice actor Ami Koshimizu

Nina (Japanese: ノア Noa) is a minor recurring character who appeared in the Pokémon anime. She is a noted restaurant waitress at a Hau'oli City pancake parlor. She is also a previous winner of the annual Pokémon Pancake Race.


File:Nina and Husband.png
Nina and her husband

Nina debuted in Racing to a Big Event! after Professor Kukui and Ash decided to stop for a quick bite at her restaurant. She recommended that Ash enter the upcoming Pokémon Pancake Race, even explaining the rules and helping Ash and Pikachu train for the event.

The next day, Nina and her Alolan Raichu entered the Pokémon Pancake Race. During the final section of the race, Raichu ran in first place, but due to a distraction caused by Team Rocket and Bewear, Samson Oak's Komala was able to take the lead and win the competition, causing Nina to end up tied with Ash for second place. Although she lost, Nina was content as she had a fun time and told Raichu they would try again next year.

In The Professors' New Adventure!, Nina attended the wedding of Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet while also providing the event's catering.

In Sours for the Sweet!, Nina attended Aina's Kitchen to pick up a lunch order. Ulu was revealed to have a crush on her. However, she informed him that she had a fiancé during the Alola Bread Festival competition, leaving him heartbroken. She later revealed in Alola, Alola! that she had married her fiancé.

In Lillier and the Staff!, Nina and her fiancé attended a play at the Pokémon School.

Ash and his classmates sometimes visit the pancake parlor. On Misty's Alolan holiday, they stopped at the restaurant to enjoy Nina's pancake stacks in Alola, Alola!.


Nina is always upbeat, providing quality customer service alongside her delicious pancake stacks.


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This listing is of Nina's known Pokémon in the anime:

Nina's Raichu
Nina's Alolan Raichu is her only known Pokémon and helps her with her work at the restaurant.

Raichu started a rivalry with Ash's Pikachu when they both competed in the Pokémon Pancake Race. Raichu was able to make it all the way to the final section of the race, where it was in the lead. However, due to a distraction caused by Team Rocket and Bewear, Samson Oak's Komala was able to pass it. Despite trying its hardest to regain its lead, Raichu tied in second place with Pikachu.

It appeared again in The Professors' New Adventure!, where it was among those attending the wedding of Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet.

It appeared yet again in Sours for the Sweet!

It appeared once again in Alola, Alola!, where it was shown serving customers.

None of Raichu's moves are known.

Debut Racing to a Big Event!

Pokémon competitions

Nina has competed in the following Pokémon competitions:

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小清水亜美 Ami Koshimizu
English Jessie Kane Gill
Finnish Susa Saukko (SM013)
Unknown voice actress (SM072)
Polish Aleksandra Domańska (SM013-SM072)
Aleksandra Radwan (SM102)
Spanish Latin America Yedir Silva
Spain Sandra Villa (SM013, SM072)
Carmen Podio (SM102)

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