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If you were looking for the Pokémon whose name is sometimes abbreviated as "Cress" in competitive play, see Cresselia (Pokémon).
コーン Corn
"Triple Trouble!"
Artwork from Black and White
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blue
Hometown Striaton City
Region Unova
Relatives Cilan, Chili (brothers)
Trainer class Gym LeaderBW
Pokémon TrainerB2W2
Generation V
Games Black and White
Black 2 and White 2, Masters EX
Leader of Striaton Gym
Badge Trio Badge
Specializes in Water types
Game animation cameos Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer
Anime debut Triple Leaders, Team Threats!
English voice actor Tom Wayland
Japanese voice actor Makoto Ishii

Cress (Japanese: コーン Corn) is one of the three Gym Leaders of Striaton City's Gym, known officially as the Striaton Gym. He specializes in Water-type Pokémon. He gives the Trio Badge to Trainers that chose Tepig as their starter Pokémon if they defeat him.

In the games

Cress appears in Pokémon Black and White as one of the Gym Leaders of Striaton City's Gym, alongside Cilan and Chili. This Gym is the first to be challenged by the player. Cress battles the player if Tepig is the chosen starter Pokémon. Trainers who defeat him will receive the Trio Badge, along with TM83 (Work Up).

During the two years between Pokémon Black and White and Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, Cress, along with his brothers, retired from being Gym Leaders to train.


Pokémon Black and White

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Multi Battle

Cress can either be partnered with the player, or be one of their opponents.

Pokémon World Tournament

Cress uses three of these Pokémon in Single Battles, four in Double and Rotation Battles, and all six in Triple Battles. He will always lead with his signature Pokémon, Simipour.

Unova Leaders Tournament

Type Expert/World Leaders/Mix Master Tournament


Pokémon Black and White

Striaton Gym

  • Entering the Gym
Cilan: "Welcome to the Striaton City Pokémon Gym."
Chili: "I'm Chili! I light things up with Fire-type Pokémon!"
Cress: "I'm a Water-type specialist, and my name is Cress. Pleased to make your acquaintance."
Cilan: "And my name is Cilan. I like Grass-type Pokémon."
Cilan: "Um, you see... As for why the three of us, um, are all here is, well, er..."
Chili: "Oh, enough! Listen up! The three of us will decide whom you'll battle! It'll be based on the type of the first Pokémon you chose!"
Cress: "That is indeed the case. And the partner you first chose was <type> type, it seems."
"How exceedingly lucky for you that you do not have to face me."
"That is correct! It shall be I and my esteemed Water types that you must face in battle!"
  • Before battle
"What incredible luck for you--you get to battle the best among the three of us."
  • During battle (the first non-KO HP loss)
"I see... That might be a good attack."
  • After sending out last Pokémon
"I'll put all my hopes on my last Pokémon!"
  • Being defeated
"Lose? Me? I don't believe this."
  • After being defeated
"Why, you're quite remarkable. It's the Pokémon League's rule, so--please take this Badge."
  • After the battle (regardless of starter Pokémon)
"If there were 17 siblings in the Striaton City Gym... There could be a specialist for each type of Pokémon."
  • Post-game
"...We heard about the incident with N's Castle. If we had received the message in time, the three of us could have helped."

Badge Case

The fundamentals of Pokémon battling are type matchups! They're important!

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Memory Link - A Triple Team

  • Striaton Restaurant - Present
(to player) "I hope today is a special day for you."
(After speaking to the other brothers) "A day that's important to me, Cress..."
  • Striaton Trainers' School - Flashback
"I guess you're right."
"You're overthinking it, but I can't say the possibility is zero."
"Based on your appearance, you must be the Shadow Triad. But why are you here?"
"We have to admit it. The three Leaders of Striaton City make one full-fledged Trainer."
"Of course, I, Cress, was thinking about that, too."
"OK. So as for the replacement Gym Leader..."
  • End of flashback (if initiated by Cress)
"Part of my past I want to forget... No, I mustn't forget it."

Pokémon World Tournament

  • Before battle (first round)
"That is correct! It is I, Cress, Water-type enthusiast, whom you must face in battle!"
  • Before battle (second round)
"What incredible luck for you--you get to battle the best among the three of us."
  • Before battle (final round)
"Just as water flowing from high places to low places is natural, so is my victory."
  • Being defeated
"Lose? Me? I don't believe this."
  • If the player is defeated
"This is the appropriate result when I'm your opponent."
  • After being defeated
"How amazing! Even if there were a lot of reasons, you managed to defeat someone as impressive as me!"
  • After winning
"How amazing! Even if there were a lot of reasons, you managed to take on someone as impressive as me!"
  • In the lobby, after the tournament
"The pairings for the tournament partly contributed to your victory. Please keep training. I plan on retraining myself with the aim of defeating you after you've become even stronger."

Striaton City - Striaton Restaurant

  • Asking to team up
(first visit)"I'm a Water-type specialist, and my name is Cress. Pleased to make your acquaintance. You there. Would you be so kind as to be my partner in a battle with my siblings?"
(subsequent visits)"What do you think? Will you partner up with me and compete with my siblings?"
No: "Oh, what's this? I'm amazed you turned me, Cress, down."
Yes: "That's wonderful. With me, Cress, as your partner, victory is assured."
  • Before battle
"That is correct! It shall be I and my esteemed Water types that you must face in battle! Let's us begin, then! In garde, user of Grass-type Pokémon -- Cilan -- and of Fire-type Pokémon -- Chili!"
  • After battle (victorious)
(on stage)"My attacks flow like water. You were blessed with an amazing partner."
(main area)"Battling together with you helped me find new potential in myself. That's what I think. I'd like it if you were to team up with me tomorrow as well."
  • If loses to the player
"Lose? Me? I don't believe this!"
  • After battle (loses to the player)
"Losing made me realize something. If I were to team up with you, our onslaught would be like a torrent!"

National Gymquirer

Jingle: "Woo hoo! All right! It's 'The National Gymquirer'!"
Page: "That's right! We collect the hottest gossip about Gym Leaders seen around town! Here is today's letter. From someone going by the name Cafélover! Thank yooou! 'Recently, I saw Striaton Gym's three Gym Leaders, and they were all out of order! Like, Chili was Cilan, and Cilan was Cress!' Hmmm. Well, I'm not saying you're crazy, but...are you sure they weren't just standing in front of a mirror? 'The National Gymquirer'! We eagerly await your letters!"


Official artwork from
Pokémon the Series: Black & White


File:Spr BW Cress.png File:Spr B2W2 Cress.png File:Cress OD.png File:B2W2 Cress Back.png File:VSCress.png
Sprite from
Black and White
Sprite from
Black 2 and White 2
Overworld sprite from
Generation V
Back sprite from
Black 2 and White 2
VS sprite from
Black and White

In the anime

Main series

Cress debuted in Triple Leaders, Team Threats! alongside his brothers, and fellow Gym Leaders Cilan and Chili. Along with Chili, he first appeared when Cilan brings Ash to the Gym, where he then proceeded to take his drink order. Ash declined, saying that he wanted to battle the Gym Leader, and as he got up to leave, Cress and his brothers introduced themselves as the leaders. They then led Ash to the battleground, where they introduced their Pokémon.

He was the second to battle Ash and proceeded to defeat Pikachu, despite his Panpour's type disadvantage. At the beginning of Dreams by the Yard Full!, he and his brothers presented the Trio Badge to Ash. Later, he and Chili said goodbye to Cilan, who had decided to travel with Ash and Iris.

He appeared in a flashback in A Connoisseur's Revenge!, where he and Chili informed Burgundy that Cilan had gone on a journey and could not battle her again.

In A Call for Brotherly Love!, Cress informed Cilan over the phone of the reason why Chili was not at the Gym. Contrary to what Chili had said, he had not left to study but had run away. Chili had asked him the night he ran away why he kept losing. Cress told him that he focused too much on offense while giving little consideration to defense. As he feared, Chili took it as an insult and ran away. Cress was pleased when Cilan told him he would help Chili with his battle style and help get his confidence back and thanked him for it.

File:Cilan Chili Cress young.png
Young Cress with his brothers

Cress appeared in a fantasy along with Chili in A Surface to Air Tag Battle Team! and in a flashback in Curtain Up, Unova League!. He also made cameo appearances in the ending Let's Join Hands and in the ending credits of Genesect and the Legend Awakened.

In Survival of the Striaton Gym!, it was revealed that Cress, as well as Chili, had lost to Morana, and had Cilan not defeated her, they would have lost the Striaton Gym. After Cilan's victory, he returned to Striaton City alongside Chili.


Cress, like his brothers, tends to speak about Pokémon in relation to their element, in this case, water. Unlike his brothers, Cress tends to speak about himself in third-person in the Japanese version. All the brothers tend to use hand positions like rock, paper, and scissors—in Cress's case, he tends to accentuate words with his fingers.


This listing is of Cress's known Pokémon in the anime:

Cress's Panpour
Main article: Cress's Panpour

Panpour was given to Cress at a young age when his brothers were also given their first Pokémon. It first appeared when Cress showed what Pokémon he has and Ash scanned it on his Pokédex. It was shown to be an extremely powerful Pokémon, able to defeat Pikachu without suffering any damage despite having a type disadvantage. It was the second Pokémon to face Ash in his Striaton Gym battle.

Debut Triple Leaders, Team Threats!
Voice actors
Japanese Kiyotaka Furushima
English Marc Thompson

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 石井真 Makoto Ishii
English Tom Wayland
Mandarin Chinese 詹雅菁 Zhān Yǎjīng
Czech Marek Libert
Danish Thomas Kirk
Jan Tellefsen
Finnish Juha Haukka
Norwegian Scott Maurstad
Polish Łukasz Węgrzynowski (BW005-BW006)
Józef Pawłowski (BW058)
Karol Osentowski (BW140)
Brazilian Portuguese Daniel Figueira
Spanish Latin America Manuel Díaz
Spain Sergio García Marín (BW005-BW103)
Álvaro Ramos Toajas (BW140)

Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer

Cress briefly appeared in the Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer as part of a team with his brothers Cilan and Chili.


Cress briefly appeared in GOTCHA!.

In the manga

Pocket Monsters BW

In Pocket Monsters BW, Cress appears along with his brothers Cilan and Chili. They are seen in PMBW02, where Red and his Pokémon visit a restaurant owned by the three brothers. Clefairy tries to instigate a fight between the brothers, but fails on many occasions.


This listing is for Cress's Pokémon in the Pocket Monsters BW manga.

Main article: Cress's Panpour

Panpour is the only known Pokémon of Cress's. It was sent out while he, Cilan and Chili were battling Red's Clefairy. Unfortunately, Clefairy took the attacks the elemental monkeys were using and made himself some green tea.

Debut PMBW02

Pocket Monsters BW: Good Partners

File:Cress BWGP.png
Cress in Pocket Monsters BW Good Partners

Cress first appeared in BWGP03. Aside from being a Gym Leader, he was a teacher in a Trainers' School located in Striaton City. When Takurō and Mashiro went to the school, Cress told them about Bado and explained as to who he was. Professor Juniper had him teach the two about the basics of Pokémon while they were there. He gave them an assignment to do. While Mashiro was able to finish it, Takurō had to stay behind.

Later, he appeared in Takurō's flashback where he advised him to go to Wellspring Cave to go to the next town as going to different places is an important part of being a Trainer.

Pokémon Adventures

File:Cilan Cress Chili Adventures.png
Cress in Pokémon Adventures

Cress, along with his brothers Cilan and Chili, is one of the Leaders of the Striaton Gym. Despite each brother obtaining their job as Gym Leaders individually, they were all assigned to the same Gym. This decision was due to the types they specialized in being useful in teaching new Trainers about type matchups.

Like his brothers, Cress tends to keep his arms in a certain position. In his case, he keeps them crossed in front of his chest.

Black & White chapter

Cress debuted in Welcome to Striaton City!!, where the Striaton Gym was visited by a young Trainer named Black. Although only Black challenged the Gym, his friends Cheren and Bianca were allowed to participate as well. After completing the Gym puzzle, Black, Cheren, and Bianca faced the triplets in a three-on-three "Trio Battle". With their knowledge of type matchups, Cress and his brothers initially held the advantage, even after Chili's Pansear was knocked out. Despite this, the battle ended in the Striaton Gym Leaders' loss when Black's Tep used Pansage's fallen leaves to revive its fallen teammates. With only two active Pokémon on the Striaton Gym Leaders' side when the time limit ended, Black and his friends were declared the winners by default and were each awarded a Trio Badge as proof of their victory.

In The Shadow Triad, Cress, Cilan, and Chili confronted the Shadow Triad at the P2 Laboratory. The brothers were given the task of pursuing Team Plasma if the other Gym Leaders failed to protect the Dark Stone from them. The Shadow Triad proved to be very strong, and even after they evolved their Pokémon, Cress and his brothers were unable to defeat their opponents. The brothers were rescued by Keldeo, who had been watching the battle and determined the Gym Leaders to be the better humans. The Shadow Triad took that opportunity to try and capture Keldeo, forcing its mentors, Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion, to step in and rescue it, using their swords to send both the Gym Leaders and Shadow Triad flying.

Black 2 & White 2 chapter

In Giant Chasm, Cress and his brothers were seen in Opelucid City helping people trapped in buildings frozen by the Plasma Frigate.


Cress's Simipour
Panpour → Simipour
Main article: Cress's Panpour

Simipour is Cress's only known Pokémon that first appeared as a Panpour. Along with being his main Pokémon, Simipour assists Cress and his brothers in the kitchen by pouring water for tea. It, as a Panpour, was used against Black, Cheren, and Bianca in a Gym battle. Despite proving powerful, they are defeated after the time limit ends after Chili's Pansear is defeated, making the challengers' win with 3 to 2.

Later, it was used to battle the Shadow Triad in a Triple Battle. Although the battle was tough, Panpour was given a Water Stone, enabling it to evolve into a Simipour to become stronger. Despite this power-up, it was still being defeated before Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion, attacked both groups to rescue the Keldeo the Shadow Triad had captured.

Debut A Nickname for Tepig

In the TCG

Full Art print of Chili & Cilan & Cress
Main article: Chili & Cilan & Cress (Fusion Strike 227)

Cress was introduced as a Supporter card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game as part of Chili & Cilan & Cress during the English Sword & Shield Series (the Japanese Sword & Shield Era). It was first released in the Japanese Fusion Arts expansion before debuting in English in the Fusion Strike expansion, with an illustration by Yusuke Ohmura. It was also released as a Full Art card and Secret card in both expansions, with an illustration by Sanosuke Sakuma. It allows the player to search for up to three Fusion Strike style Pokémon and put them into their hand, then shuffle their deck.


  • His Japanese Leader title, shared with Cilan and Chili, is トライアル トライアングル.
  • Cress is the only Gym Leader whom Ash has lost to in an official Gym battle and hasn't needed to rematch in order to earn the Gym's Badge.


Language Name Origin
Japanese コーン Corn From corn, matching to his brothers being named after varieties of maze. May also involve tricorn and 湖 ko (lake).
English, Brazilian
Cress From garden cress or watercress
German Colin From Maiskolben (corncob), matching to his brothers being named Maik (Chili) and Benny (Cilan)
Spanish Maíz From maíz (corn)
Cress* From his English name
French Noa From noix (walnut; nut)
Italian Maisello From mais (corn)
Korean Corn Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 寇恩 Kòu'ēn Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 寇恩 Kauyān Mandarin-based transcription of his Japanese name
Vietnamese Kon Transcription of his Japanese name

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