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Baby Pokémon (Japanese: ベイビィポケモン baby Pokémon) are Pokémon at the lowest stage of Pokémon Evolution that cannot themselves breed. The concept was introduced in Generation II, along with breeding. Specifically, baby Pokémon can be classified by the following criteria:

  • Must be obtainable by breeding
  • Must be the lowest form in a family chain and must be able to evolve at least once
  • Must belong to the Undiscovered Egg Group

The only baby Pokémon introduced alongside their evolved form are Togepi, Riolu, and Toxel; the rest were introduced in generations after their evolved form was. Many baby Pokémon require maximized friendship to evolve.

In the games, most baby Pokémon are only obtainable through breeding. On occasion, non-player characters will give the player an Egg containing a baby Pokémon, and this Pokémon typically cannot be obtained by any other method except by breeding. Generation III introduced the first baby Pokémon able to be caught in the wild: Wynaut on Mirage Island. In Generation IV, many other baby Pokémon were also available in the wild.

From Generation III on, in order to breed most newly introduced baby Pokémon, the parent in their evolutionary line must hold a specific Incense before breeding, which provides a rationale for why those parent Pokémon could not produce these Eggs in previous generations. For example, Marill, who was introduced in Generation II, could not produce Azurill Eggs until the introduction of the Sea Incense in Generation III.

List of baby Pokémon

Introduced in Pokémon Gold and Silver

Baby Pokémon After Evolution
Pokémon Image Type Pokémon Type Parent's Egg Group
Pichu Pichu  Electric  Pikachu  Electric  Field
Raichu  Electric 
Alolan Raichu  Electric  Psychic 
Cleffa Cleffa  Normal  (II-V)
 Fairy  (VI+)
Clefairy  Normal  (I-V)
 Fairy  (VI+)
Clefable  Normal  (I-V)
 Fairy  (VI+)
Igglybuff Igglybuff  Normal  (II-V)
 Normal  Fairy  (VI+)
Jigglypuff  Normal  (I-V)
 Normal  Fairy  (VI+)
Wigglytuff  Normal  (I-V)
 Normal  Fairy  (VI+)
Togepi Togepi  Normal  (II-V)
 Fairy  (VI+)
Togetic  Normal  Flying  (II-V)
 Fairy  Flying  (VI+)
Togekiss  Normal  Flying  (IV-V)
 Fairy  Flying  (VI+)
Tyrogue Tyrogue  Fighting  Hitmonlee  Fighting  Human-Like
Hitmonchan  Fighting 
Hitmontop  Fighting 
Smoochum Smoochum  Ice  Psychic  Jynx  Ice  Psychic  Human-Like
Elekid Elekid  Electric  Electabuzz  Electric  Human-Like
Electivire  Electric 
Magby Magby  Fire  Magmar  Fire  Human-Like
Magmortar  Fire 

Introduced in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

Baby Pokémon After Evolution Incense
Pokémon Image Type Pokémon Type Parent's Egg Group
Azurill Azurill  Normal  (III-V)
 Normal  Fairy  (VI+)
Marill  Water  (II-V)
 Water  Fairy  (VI+)
Water 1
Sea Incense
Azumarill  Water  (II-V)
 Water  Fairy  (VI+)
Wynaut Wynaut  Psychic  Wobbuffet  Psychic  Amorphous 80px
Lax Incense

Introduced in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Baby Pokémon After Evolution Incense
Pokémon Image Type Pokémon Type Parent's Egg Group
Budew Budew  Grass  Poison  Roselia  Grass  Poison  Fairy
Rose Incense
Roserade  Grass  Poison 
Chingling Chingling  Psychic  Chimecho  Psychic  Amorphous 80px
Pure Incense
Bonsly Bonsly  Rock  Sudowoodo  Rock  Mineral 80px
Rock Incense
Mime Jr. Mime Jr.  Psychic  (IV-V)
 Psychic  Fairy  (VI+)
Mr. Mime  Psychic  (I-V)
 Psychic  Fairy  (VI+)
Human-Like 80px
Odd Incense
Galarian Mr. Mime  Ice  Psychic 
Mr. Rime  Ice  Psychic 
Happiny Happiny  Normal  Chansey  Normal  Fairy 80px
Luck Incense
Blissey  Normal 
Munchlax Munchlax  Normal  Snorlax  Normal  Monster 80px
Full Incense
Riolu Riolu  Fighting  Lucario  Fighting  Steel  Field
Mantyke Mantyke  Water  Flying  Mantine  Water  Flying  Water 1 80px
Wave Incense

Introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Baby Pokémon After Evolution
Pokémon Image Type Pokémon Type Parent's Egg Group
Toxel Toxel  Electric  Poison  Amped Form Toxtricity  Electric  Poison  Human-Like
Low Key Toxtricity  Electric  Poison 

In the anime

All baby Pokémon—except Toxel—have appeared in the anime so far, with some belonging to main characters. While most of them appear in the Pikachu shorts regularly, all have had major appearances in the anime. In some cases, other newborn Pokémon are called baby Pokémon as well.

Baby Pokémon usually have childish personalities, but some begin to show signs of maturity after gaining experience or evolving, such as when Brock's Bonsly gave up bottle-feeding. However, Paul's Elekid was shown to have inherited his harsh personality. This is not limited to owned Pokémon, as Where No Togepi Has Gone Before! portrays a wild Togepi with mischievous intentions.

Pichu first appeared in The Apple Corp, where it was stealing apples from Charmaine's apple orchard.

In The Screen Actor's Guilt, Brad Van Darn owned a Smoochum. His agent is afraid that Brad's image as an action star would be ruined if this was made public.

An abandoned Tyrogue appeared in A Tyrogue Full of Trouble.

Igglybuff twins belonging to Brittany appeared in Same Old Song and Dance, where they were practicing for a concert.

In Wish Upon a Star Shape, a Cleffa fell from a spaceship that belonged to the kleptomaniac Clefairy from Clefairy Tales.

An Elekid made its debut in Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid where Casey caught it.

A Trainer named Satchel was trying to get his Magby to evolve for the Silver Conference in You're A Star, Larvitar and succeeded. It reappeared in Address Unown! where it was part of an Unown's dimension.

A Mime Jr. appeared under the ownership of Queen Ilene in Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. Also, in the same movie, a wild Bonsly appeared as it followed Ash and his friends on their quest to find Pikachu. After that, Bonsly stayed in the Tree of the Beginning with Mew.

A Smoochum appeared in Three Jynx and a Baby!, where she was protected by three Jynx, and later taken by Team Rocket who tried to turn her into a star. Smoochum evolved into another Jynx at the end.

Three Chingling appeared in The Bells Are Singing!, under the ownership of Francesca.

An Azurill, Cleffa, two Igglybuff, and three Pichu appeared in Hungry for the Good Life! under the ownership of Mr. Backlot.

Ash used a Mantyke for the second leg of the Pokémon Triathlon in One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team!.

A wild Elekid appeared in Three Sides to Every Story!, where it and Dawn's Piplup were trying to win Lulu's Marill heart. However, Elekid was the one who won Marill's heart in the end.

Several baby Pokémon, including Pichu, Cleffa, Wynaut, Smoochum, Igglybuff, and Azurill, appeared in The Brockster Is In!.

A Pichu appeared in A Jolting Switcheroo!, under the ownership of Lena. Bonnie mistakenly takes Lyn's bag containing Pichu, but she got Pichu back by the end of the episode.

A recurring Smoochum made her debut alongside her Trainer Nini in Pathways to Performance Partnering!.

Several baby Pokémon, including Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Togepi, Smoochum, and Magby, appeared in I Choose You!, where they were chasing a Chikorita near the ending credits.

A recurring Munchlax made its debut in A Dream Encounter! under the ownership of Professor Burnet.

A Togepi, Tyrogue, and Smoochum appeared in The Power of Us! where they were following Harriet, although she let the three of them alongside five others stay with her permanently.

A recurring Mantyke made its debut in The Sinnoh Iceberg Race! under the ownership of Goh.

Misty's Togepi

Main article: Misty's Togepi

In Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon, Ash finds an Egg that hatches into a Togepi in Who Gets to Keep Togepi?. Since Misty is the first thing the Baby Pokémon sees, it believes she is its mother. Togepi was usually held in Misty arms. It later evolved in A Togepi Mirage. Afterwards, it was released to protect the other Togepi in Mirage Kingdom and the Togepi Paradise.

Recurring Wynaut

Main article: Wynaut (anime)

Wynaut first appeared during the Blackthorn City arc (Fangs for Nothin' - Why? Wynaut!), but Jessie's Wobbuffet, Ash's Bayleef and Ash's Noctowl were the only ones to see it.

May's Munchlax

Main article: May's Munchlax

May caught a Munchlax in Berry, Berry Interesting and has used it in several Pokémon Contests. It is her only Pokémon that likes her Pokéblocks.

Misty's Azurill

Main article: Misty's Azurill

Misty was seen with an Azurill in The Scheme Team; it was hatched from the egg that Tracey gave to her when his Marill laid it.

James's Mime Jr.

Main article: James's Mime Jr.

James obtained a Mime Jr. from his Nanny and Pop-Pop in Sweet Baby James. Mime Jr. usually finished the trio's motto alongside Jessie's Wobbuffet. It now resides at the Team Rocket HQ.

Brock's Bonsly

Main article: Brock's Bonsly

In From Cradle to Save, Brock captured a Bonsly and took care of him. He evolved into Sudowoodo in Leave it To Brocko!.

Paul's Elekid

Main article: Paul's Elekid

Paul owned an Elekid that he used to battle Ash's Pikachu in When Pokémon Worlds Collide! and Roark in Shapes of Things to Come. It evolved into Electabuzz in Smells Like Team Spirit, and evolved into Electivire off-screen, prior to Casting a Paul on Barry!.

Nando's Budew

Main article: Nando's Budew

Budew made its first major appearance in Dawn of a New Era!. It was owned by a minstrel called Nando and used in battle against Dawn's Piplup and Ash's Pikachu. It evolved into Roselia in the second battle. It later evolved into Roserade prior to Coming Full-Festival Circle!.

Brock's Happiny

Main article: Brock's Happiny

Brock's Egg hatched into a Happiny in One Big Happiny Family!. Unusually, in contrast to Happiny's extremely low Attack stat in the games, she has amazing strength and can run with, pummel, and carry many heavy items and Pokémon for her size, such as having the ability to fling her Trainer into the air with ease and carrying Ash's Grotle around in Jumping Rocket Ship!. She evolved into a Chansey in The Brockster Is In!.

Aura Sphere Riolu

Main article: Aura Sphere Riolu

Riolu was featured in both parts of Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu!. This Riolu had been trained to use Aura Sphere and was unnaturally strong. It was taken away from the lab by J's henchmen to exploit it, but Ash and his friends returned it to its kingdom with Kellyn's help. This Riolu developed a strong bond with Ash.

Cameron's Riolu

Main article: Cameron's Riolu

Cameron's Riolu first appeared with its Trainer in Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!. In Cameron's Secret Weapon!, it evolved into Lucario.

File:JN001 illustration.png
An illustration of Ash's Pikachu as a Pichu by Atsuko Nishida

Korrina's Riolu

Main article: Korrina's Riolu

Korrina had her Riolu since she was young and they grew up together. Prior to Mega Revelation!, it evolved into Lucario.

Lusamine's Cleffa

Main article: Lusamine's Cleffa

Lusamine had a Cleffa, which was seen in a picture in Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge!. She eventually evolved all the way into Clefable sometime prior to A Dream Encounter!.

Ash's Pichu

Main article: Ash's Pichu

Ash's Pikachu appeared as a wild Pichu in a flashback in Enter Pikachu!, which explored his backstory and how he evolved into Pikachu.

Ash's Riolu

Main article: Ash's Riolu

Ash's Riolu hatched from an Egg he received from Nurse Joy in Caring for a Mystery!. It ran away after hatching wanting to fight many wild Pokémon, but eventually properly bonded with Ash and joined his team. It evolved into a Lucario in Sword and Shield... The Legends Awaken!.

In the manga

File:Pibu Hatching.png
Pichu hatching from an Egg in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

All baby Pokémon—except Toxel—have appeared in Pokémon Adventures so far, with some belonging to main characters. Gold is known for being able to draw out the largest potential of a baby Pokémon, having the title of "Hatcher".

Cleffa and Igglybuff first appeared in Gligar Glide, escaping from the Daycare Center near Goldenrod City. Their first major appearance was in Irked Igglybuff and Curmudgeonly Cleffa, under the ownership of Whitney.

Tyrogue were seen in Querulous Qwilfish assisting with the construction of the Battle Tower. Bruno of the Elite Four was later seen with one in The Last Battle X.

Smoochum first appeared in Gligar Glide, escaping from the Daycare Center near Goldenrod City. Its first major appearance was in Slugging It Out With Slugma, with one belonging to Crystal with the nickname Chumee.

Ken of the Team Rocket Elite Trio is seen with an Elekid in Elekid Incorporated.

Magby first appeared in Gligar Glide, escaping from the Daycare Center near Goldenrod City. Crystal is later seen capturing one in Off Course with Corsola.

Azurill debuted in The Last Battle XIII as one of the Pokémon sent to help the fight in Ilex Forest.

Wynaut first made a cameo as one of the many Trainer-owned Pokémon who were transported to stop Ho-Oh and Lugia's rampage in The Last Battle XIII. In With a Spoink in Your Step II, many wild Wynaut made an appearance on Mirage Island, where Ruby and Sapphire trained for the upcoming battle against Maxie and Archie.

Budew first appeared in Passing by Probopass and Maneuvering around Magnezone under the ownership of a Trainer.

Chingling first appeared in Passing by Probopass and Maneuvering around Magnezone. A Chingling belonging to the Advanced level Grunt of Team Galactic appeared in Stunning Staravia & Stinky Skuntank I. It has an unusually threatening face, and powerful sound abilities to match.

Bonsly first appeared in Deprogramming Porygon-Z.

Mime Jr. first appeared in All About Arceus VI under the ownership of Ken.

Happiny first appeared in Passing by Probopass and Maneuvering around Magnezone.

Professor Kukui owns a Munchlax that first appeared in PASM05.

Riolu first appeared in Magnificent Meditite & Really Riolu I, under the ownership of Maylene. He is capable of using Aura Sphere.

In Vexing Vespiquen & Unmanageable Mothim II, Diamond helps protect an Egg containing Riolu from two Galactic-hired thugs, and after they are defeated, it hatches and is shown to interact with its evolved form. It decided to stay with Riley.

A Mantyke first appeared in Leaping Past Lopunny under the ownership of a Trainer.

Gold's Togepi

Main article: Togebo

Gold was given an Egg created by Jasmine's Togetic from Professor Elm that later hatched into a Togepi named Togebo in Gligar Glide. Due to his abilities as a hatcher, Togebo was born with Gold's trouble-making habits. He evolved into Togetic and again into Togekiss in All About Arceus VIII.

Gold's Pichu

Main article: Pibu

Pichu first appeared in The Last Battle XII, hatching from an Egg held by Gold. Due to not knowing his species name, Yellow gave him a named inspired by the names of his parents, Pika and Chuchu. Due to his abilities as a hatcher, Pibu inherited most of Gold's personality, as well as a similar tuft of hair.

Diamond's Munchlax

Main article: Lax (Adventures)

Diamond owns a Munchlax named Lax which, like him, has a very gluttonous nature, prone to eating dozens of people's worth of snacks out the get-go. Despite being a baby Pokémon with little training, he showed considerable stamina and durability. He first appeared in Stagestruck Starly.

In the TCG

Baby Pokémon in the Trading Card Game used to be its own evolutionary stage during Generation II, which also counted as Basic Pokémon and stated they could evolve into their respective Pokémon. Despite their low Hit Points, Baby Pokémon required the opponent to flip a coin to succeed attacking as long it was in the active position. In Generation III and most of Generation IV, they were simplified into Basic Pokémon with the Baby Evolution Poké-Power, which allowed them to evolve into their respective Pokémon and heal its damage counters in the process.

In the HeartGold & SoulSilver era, these Pokémon could no longer evolve but had the Sweet Sleeping Face Poké-Body, an effect slightly similar to the original coin flip protection. Baby Pokémon returned in the Sun & Moon Tag Team era still unable to evolve, featuring Abilities that were activated by flipping a coin and ended the player's turn regardless of the outcome. A Tag Team card featuring some Baby Pokémon got released as well.

Togepi, Riolu and Toxel, which got introduced in the same generation as their evolutions, are always counted as regular Basic Pokémon which can evolve normally.


  • Out of nineteen baby Pokémon, seven of them evolve into Pokémon belonging to the Fairy Egg Group and seven others evolve into Pokémon that belong to the Human-Like Egg Group.
  • Most baby Pokémon can learn Uproar via Move Tutor, while their evolved forms cannot.
  • May, James, and Brock got their baby Pokémon (Munchlax, Mime Jr., and Bonsly respectively) following the pattern of premiering in a movie and then being captured by one of the main characters. In all cases, the premiered Pokémon is not the same character as the one caught, just the same species. In some cases, this may be a result of the writers deciding a Pokémon works well with the group after they are shown together. Munchlax came after Destiny Deoxys and Mime Jr. and Bonsly came after Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. All of these Pokémon were introduced in Generation IV.
  • In Pokémon X and Y, baby Pokémon caught in the wild are guaranteed to have three random IVs of 31 due to their inclusion in the Undiscovered Egg Group.

In other languages

Language Title
20px French Bébé Pokémon
20px German Baby-Pokémon
20px Italian Pokémon Baby
20px Korean 베이비 포켓몬 Baby Pokémon
20px Polish Pokémon Niemowlak*
Portuguese 20px Brazil Pokémon Bebê
20px Portugal Pokémon Bebé
20px Spanish Pokémon Bebé

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