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The map of Japan showing the four main Japanese Pokémon regions.

The designs of eight of the major Pokémon regionsKanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, and Galar—are strikingly similar in geography and demographics to regions in the real world, and they are sometimes even officially stated to be based on certain locations. The first four regions are based on smaller regions in Japan, Unova and Alola are based on parts of the United States, Kalos is based on France, and Galar is based on the United Kingdom. It is said the inspiration for Orre is Phoenix, Arizona.

Core regions


The Kantō region of Japan is not only identical in name to Kanto in the Pokémon world, but is also very similar geographically; however, the western part of the game map corresponds to eastern Chūbu.

Pokémon world Specific location Prefecture Notes
Pallet Town 下田市 Shimoda City 静岡県 Shizuoka Pallet Town is based on Satoshi Tajiri's hometown Machida City during his boyhood.
Viridian City 箱根町 Hakone Town 神奈川県 Kanagawa
Viridian Forest 奥秩父山塊 Okuchichibu Mountains 埼玉県山梨県長野県 Yamanashi, Saitama, and Nagano
Pewter City 前橋市 Maebashi City 群馬県 Gunma The famous Iwajuku archaeological site and the Iwajuku Museum are located in the city of Midori.
Mt. Moon 赤城山 Mount Akagi 群馬県 Gunma Mt. Akagi features a crater lake near the summit
Cerulean City 土浦市 Tsuchiura City 茨城県 Ibaraki Tsuchiura is famous for its floating lotus blooms.
Cerulean Cave 足尾銅山, 日光市 Ashio Copper Mine, Nikkō 栃木県 Tochigi
Vermilion City 横浜市 Yokohama City 神奈川県 Kanagawa Yokohama is the largest seaport in Japan.
Kanto Power Plant 東海発電所 Tōkai Nuclear Power Plant 茨城県 Ibaraki The first commercial nuclear power plant in Japan.
Lavender Town 成田市 or 佐倉市 Narita City or Sakura City 千葉県 Chiba
Celadon City 新宿 Shinjuku 東京都 Tokyo Shinjuku is the commercial center of Tokyo.
Celadon Gym 新宿御苑 Shinjuku Gyo-en 東京都 Tokyo The largest garden park in Shinjuku, famous for its flowers.
Saffron City 丸の内 Marunouchi 東京都 Tokyo Marunouchi is the business center of Tokyo, as well as all of Japan.
Magnet Train station 東京駅 Tokyo Station 東京都 Tokyo Tokyo Station is a train station located in Marunouchi. The Tōkaidō Shinkansen bullet train line runs from Tokyo to Osaka through here.
Fuchsia City 館山市 Tateyama City 千葉県 Chiba
Kanto Safari Zone 富士箱根伊豆国立公園 Minami Bōsō Quasi-National Park 千葉県 Chiba
Cycling Road 東京湾アクアライン Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line 神奈川県千葉県 Kanagawa and Chiba It connects Kawasaki City and Kisarazu City over Tokyo Bay. It was under construction when Pokémon Red and Green were released.
Seafoam Islands 鵜渡根島 Udone-shima 東京都 Tokyo A small, deserted volcanic isle surrounded by rough sea and many rocks. It is currently uninhabited, but it holds a single shrine built in the past.
Cinnabar Island 伊豆大島 Izu-Ōshima 東京都 Tokyo Oshima is famous for Mount Mihara, an active volcano.
Victory Road 愛鷹山 Mount Ashitaka 東京都 Shizuoka Prefecture A mountainous area that is near Mt. Fuji and Hakone Village.
Indigo Plateau 越前岳 Mount Echizen-dake 裾野市 Susono, Shizuoka The highest point of the Ashitaka mountain area, with views of both Mt. Fuji and the city.
Tohjo Falls 白糸の滝 and 音止めの滝 Shiraito Falls and Otodome Falls 静岡県 Shizuoka Two waterfalls separated by a mere 600 feet, located southwest of Mount Fuji.

Sevii Islands

The Sevii Islands are based on two archipelagos off the coast of Tokyo: the Izu Islands (伊豆諸島) and the Bonin Islands (小笠原諸島).

Pokémon world Specific location Subprefecture Notes
One Island 新島神津島式根島利島 Niijima, Kōzushima, Shikinejima and Toshima 大島支庁 Oshima
Kindle Road 新島 Niijima
Treasure Beach 神津島 Kozushima
Mt. Ember 利島宮塚山 Mt. Miyatsuka, Toshima Island
Two Island 三宅島御蔵島 Miyakejima and Mikurajima 三宅支庁 Miyake
Three Island 八丈島八丈小島 Hachijōjima and Hachijōkojima 八丈支庁 Hachijō
Berry Forest 八丈小島 Hachijōkojima
Three Isle Port 底土港 Sokodo Port
Four Island 青ヶ島 Aogashima 八丈支庁 Hachijō
Five Island 聟島列島 Mukojima Islands 小笠原支庁 Ogasawara All are uninhabited.
Water Labyrinth 西之島 Nishinoshima
Resort Gorgeous 中ノ島 Nakanoshima
Lost Cave 笹魚島 Sasauojima
Memorial Pillar 媒島 Nakoudojima
Six Island 父島列島 Chichijima Islands 小笠原支庁 Ogasawara The small islands to the north of Chichijima include Anijima (兄島) and Otōtojima (弟島), among others.
Ruin Valley 父島 Chichijima
Green Path 兄島 Anijima
Outcast Island 弟島 Otōtojima
Seven Island 母島列島 Hahajima Islands 小笠原支庁 Ogasawara The small islands to the south of Hahajima include Anejima (姉島) and Imōtojima (妹島), among others.
Navel Rock 鳥島 Torishima 八丈支庁 Hachijō Known as the habitat of albatross.
Birth Island 南鳥島 Minami Torishima 小笠原支庁 Ogasawara The easternmost island belonging to Japan.


In Japan, the Kantō region is often contrasted with the Kansai region, which like Johto is to the west. However, Johto is geographically more similar to the Kansai region and the western Chūbu region combined, as well as a small part of eastern Shikoku.

Pokémon world Specific location Prefecture Notes
Mt. Silver 富士山 Mount Fuji 静岡県 and 山梨県 Shizuoka and Yamanashi The encounter with Red at Mt. Silver may be a reference to Kuninotokotachi. Waiting atop Mt. Silver as the series’ highest-level Trainer opponent, Red was the player character with humble beginnings from the first Pokémon games; Kuninotokotachi is said to be the first Japanese deity, born of something resembling a reed following the creation of heaven and earth, who resides atop Mt. Fuji.
New Bark Town 静岡市 and 浜松市 Shizuoka City and Hamamatsu City 静岡県 Shizuoka HGSS released with wind turbines added to New Bark Town at the same time construction was completed on a small wind-farm in Shizuoka City.
Cherrygrove City 豊橋市 and 名古屋市 Toyohashi City and Nagoya City 愛知県 Aichi Toyohashi City is famous for floral parks and festivals, including azaleas and iris flowers that closely match the flowers added to Cherrygrove City in HGSS.
Dark Cave 赤石山脈 Akaishi Mountains 長野県, 山梨県 and 静岡県 Nagano, Yamanashi and Shizuoka A difficult-to-navigate mountain range that contains 10 of the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains.
Violet City 奈良市 Nara City 奈良県 Nara Home to many historic buildings and monuments, Nara is where Japan was founded as a state.
Sprout Tower 興福寺五重塔 Kōfuku-ji 奈良県 Nara A five-story pagoda, Kōfuku-ji is the second-largest pagoda in Japan, located on northeast of Nara City.
Ruins of Alph 明日香村 Asuka Village 奈良県 Nara There are many archaeological sites in Nara such as Ishibutai Kofun (石舞台古墳) and Takamatsuzuka Tomb (高松塚古墳).
Azalea Town みなべ町 Minabe Village 和歌山県 Wakayama Minabe is famous for its high-quality Japanese apricots, known as ubame, and high-quality charcoal, known as Binchōtan.
Ilex Forest 熊野古道 Kumano Kodō 和歌山県 Wakayama The Kumano Kodō is a series of ancient pilgrimage routes spread across the old-growth forest that connects various sacred shrines that have been sites for centuries of ascetic worship of natural phenomenon and natural wonders.
Goldenrod City 大阪市 Ōsaka City 大阪府 Ōsaka Ōsaka is the largest and most populous city in the Kansai region, serving as a major hub and financial center in the country.
National Park 明治の森箕面国定公園 or 万博記念公園 Meiji no Mori Minoo Quasi-National Park or Expo Memorial Park 大阪府 Ōsaka In the Expo Park is a famous monument called the Tower of the Sun.
Goldenrod Radio Tower 通天閣 Tsūtenkaku 大阪府 Ōsaka Tsūtenkaku is one of the most popular landmarks in Osaka.
Ecruteak City 京都市 Kyōto City 京都府 Kyōto Having served as the seat of the imperial court for eleven centuries, Kyōto is considered to be the cultural capital of Japan. The towers that inspired the Burned Tower and the Bell Tower are both located in Kyōto.
Bell Tower 金閣 and 平等院鳳凰堂 Kinkaku-ji and Byōdō-in Phoenix Hall 京都府 Kyōto Kinkaku-ji was set on fire by a monk in 1950 (金閣寺放火事件). The wall is covered with gold leaf. Atop the Kinkaku temple sits a golden statue of a rooster or phoenix (Ho-Oh). Byōdō-in Phoenix Hall is famous for its maple and phoenix statues.
Burned Tower 銀閣 Ginkaku-ji 京都府 Kyōto Despite its name, Ginkaku-ji is not covered with silver leaf, but atop the temple rests the likeness of a bird (Lugia).
Olivine City 神戸市 Kōbe City 兵庫県 Hyōgo Kōbe is the major port city in the Kansai region. The city is also well known for wagyū, or Kobe beef.
Glitter Lighthouse 和田岬 Cape Wada 兵庫県 Hyōgo
Whirl Islands 淡路島 Awajishima 兵庫県 Hyōgo The Naruto Strait between Awajishima and Shikoku is famous for the Naruto whirlpools. Soul Silver describes Lugia splitting one island into the Whirl Islands to end a war; Awajishima was the epicenter of the Great Hanshin earthquake, with a portion of the island's damaged fault zone preserved to this day.
Cianwood City 鳴門市 Naruto City 徳島県 Tokushima Naruto is where Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. began.
Mt. Mortar 比叡山 Mount Hiei 滋賀県 Shiga “Marathon Monks” would undergo exhaustive exercises on Mount Hiei. Kiyo trains in isolation deep within Mt. Mortar.
Mahogany Town 甲賀市 Kōka City 滋賀県 Shiga Kōka is where the famous Kōga ninja were born and educated (Kōga-ryū, 甲賀流).
Lake of Rage 琵琶湖 Lake Biwa 滋賀県 Shiga Lake Biwa is the largest lake in Japan.
Ice Path (Mahogany Entrance) 伊吹山 Mt. Ibuki 岐阜県 and 滋賀県 Gifu and Shiga An easy-to-climb mountain that is famous for receiving the world's heaviest recorded snowfall.
Ice Path (Blackthorn Entrance) 鳴沢氷穴 Narusawa Ice Cave 山梨県 Yamanashi A cave in Aokigahara Forest that remains frigid year-round, this site features elaborate ice formations and a subterranean frozen pond.
Blackthorn City 竜王町 (now 甲斐市) Ryūō (now Kai) 山梨県 Yamanashi Ryūō was a small town whose name meant “Dragon King”. HAL Laboratory had an office located here; the Move Deleter may have been a reference to then-president Satoru Iwata's graphical compression of Gold and Silver.
Dragon's Den 金櫻神社 Kanazakura-jinja Shrine 山梨県 Yamanashi Together with the lava-filled Blackthorn Gym located directly above, the water-bound Dragon's Den reflects this shrine which features the Rising and Falling Dragons, each safeguarding either a Fire Crystal or a Water Crystal.


Hoenn is based on the southernmost parts of Japan—Kyūshū and surrounding islands, with its main island flipped counterclockwise ninety degrees with the smaller islands circulating around its southern side.

Pokémon world Specific location Prefecture Notes
Littleroot Town 伊万里市 or 佐世保市 Imari City or Sasebo City 長崎県 Nagasaki or Saga
Oldale Town 佐賀市 Saga City 佐賀県 Saga
Petalburg City 福岡市 Fukuoka City 福岡県 Fukuoka
Rustboro City 北九州市 Kitakyushu City 福岡県 Fukuoka Kitakyushu's main industry is steelmaking. It is also home to Zenrin, a company specializing in navigation software.
Dewford Town 対馬島 Tsushima Island 長崎県 Nagasaki
Slateport City 長崎市 Nagasaki City 長崎県 Nagasaki The main industry is shipbuilding.
Mauville City 熊本市 Kumamoto City 熊本県 Kumamoto
Abandoned Ship / Sea Mauville 端島 (長崎県) Hashima Island 長崎県 Nagasaki Hashima Island is known for being walled and for being used for the extraction of coal for cars.
Verdanturf Town 菊池市 Kikuchi City 熊本県 Kumamoto
Mt. Chimney 阿蘇山 Mount Aso 熊本県 Kumamoto Mt. Aso is the largest active volcano in Japan.
Lavaridge Town 阿蘇町 and 別府市 Aso Town and Beppu City 熊本県 and 大分県 Kumamoto and Ōita Aso and Beppu are home to seven onsen, or hot springs (阿蘇温泉郷, 別府温泉).
Desert Ruins 南阿蘇村 Minamiaso 熊本県 Kumamoto
Meteor Falls 羽門の滝 Udo Falls 大分県 Ōita
Fallarbor Town 大分市 Ōita City 大分県 Ōita
Fortree City 小林市 Kobayashi City 宮崎県 Miyazaki
Scorched Slab 天岩戸 Amano-Iwato 宮崎県 Miyazaki In Japanese mythology, Amano-Iwato is where Amaterasu hid from her brother Susanoo, who had gone on a rampage.
Ancient Tomb 高屋山上陵, 霧島市, Takaya Sanryo Mausoleum, Kirishima 鹿児島県 Kagoshima
Mt. Pyre 桜島 Sakurajima 鹿児島県 Kagoshima
Lilycove City 鹿屋市 Kanoya City 鹿児島県 Kagoshima
Mossdeep City 種子島 Tanegashima Island 鹿児島県 Kagoshima
Mossdeep Space Center 種子島宇宙センター Tanegashima Space Center 鹿児島県 Kagoshima
Sootopolis City 屋久島 Yakushima 鹿児島県 Kagoshima The landscape of Sootopolis City is based on Santorini, Greece.
Sky Pillar 口永良部島 Kuchinoerabu-jima 鹿児島県 Kagoshima
Ever Grande City 沖縄本島 Okinawa Island 沖縄県 Okinawa The appearance of the Pokémon League building in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire resembles Shuri Castle.
Mirage Island 八重干瀬 Yaebishi 沖縄県 Okinawa Yaebishi appears above the sea on March 3 by the lunisolar calendar.[1]
Pacifidlog Town 八重山諸島 Yaeyama Islands 沖縄県 Okinawa Ishigaki Island, located in the Yaeyama Islands, contains rare blue corals. The islands of Okinawa Prefecture are home to many coral reefs. Its location and shape are based on Koshikijima.
Sealed Chamber 与那国島 Yonaguni 沖縄県 Okinawa Underneath the water's surface, natural rock formations were thought to be artificially created.
Southern Island 男女群島, 五島市 Danjo Islands, Gotō City 長崎県 Nagasaki Uninhabited islands located 70km south-southwest of the Gotō Islands. It is administratively part of Gotō City.
Faraway Island Faraway Island may be based on the lush tropical rain forests of Guyana, which is where Mew was discovered according to the Pokémon Mansion journals.


Sinnoh has been said to be an island like Hoenn, rather than a peninsula. It is based on the northernmost major island of Japan, Hokkaido, as well as the southern part of the Russian island of Sakhalin. Part of Kunashir Island (Japanese: 国後島 Kunashiri Island, Russian: Кунашир Kunashir), which is in dispute between Russia and Japan, is also included.

Pokémon world Specific location Subprefecture / Raion Notes
Twinleaf Town 登別市 Noboribetsu City 胆振総合振興局 Iburi
Lake Verity 洞爺湖 Lake Tōya 胆振総合振興局 Iburi
Sandgem Town 苫小牧市 Tomakomai City 胆振総合振興局 Iburi
Jubilife City 札幌市 Sapporo City 石狩振興局 Ishikari Sapporo is the largest city in Hokkaido.
Oreburgh City 夕張市 Yūbari City 空知総合振興局 Sorachi
Oreburgh Mine 夕張炭鉱 Yūbari Mine 空知総合振興局 Sorachi
Floaroma Town 美瑛町 and 富良野市 Biei Town and Furano City 上川総合振興局 Kamikawa Biei and Furano are famous for their flower gardens.
Valley Windworks 苫前町 Tomamae Town 留萌振興局 Rumoi Tomamae is famous for its windmills in the countryside.
Eterna City 旭川市 Asahikawa City 上川総合振興局 Kamikawa
Eterna Forest 神居山 (旭川市) Kamui Mountain 上川総合振興局 Kamikawa
Mount Coronet 旭岳 Asahi-dake Asahi-dake is the tallest peak in Hokkido, the region which Sinnoh is based on. Snow falls on the cap of the mountain.
Hearthome City 帯広市 Obihiro City 十勝総合振興局 Tokachi
Solaceon Town 足寄町 Ashoro Town 十勝総合振興局 Tokachi One of Ashoro's main industries is farming.
Veilstone City 網走市 Abashiri City オホーツク総合振興局 Okhotsk It is a major port city.
Celestic Town 北見市 Kitami City オホーツク総合振興局 Okhotsk
Sendoff Spring 摩周湖 Lake Mashū 釧路総合振興局 Kushiro Lake Mashu, a crater lake, is known as a mysterious spot for the fog that covers its surface.
Lake Valor 阿寒湖 Lake Akan 釧路総合振興局 Kushiro Lake Akan's southern shore is home to several hotels.
Pastoria City 釧路市 Kushiro City 釧路総合振興局 Kushiro Kushiro is the largest city in Eastern Hokkaido (道東).
Great Marsh 釧路湿原 Kushiro Marsh 釧路総合振興局 Kushiro The Kushiro Marsh is the largest marsh in Japan.
Canalave City 小樽市 Otaru City 後志総合振興局 Shiribeshi Otaru is a port city and has a canal
Snowpoint City 稚内市 Wakkanai City 宗谷総合振興局 Sōya It is the northernmost city in Japan, famous for its maritime trade with Russia.
Snowpoint Temple 北門神社 Hokumon Jinja 宗谷総合振興局 Sōya A Shinto shrine located in the northern portion of the city.
Lake Acuity クッチャロ湖 Lake Kutcharo 宗谷総合振興局 Sōya
Sunyshore City 根室市 Nemuro City 根室振興局 Nemuro
Vista Lighthouse 納沙布岬 Cape Nosappu 根室振興局 Nemuro Cape Nosappu is Japan's easternmost spot open to the public.
Iron Island 焼尻島 Yagishiri Island 留萌振興局 Rumoi
Victory Road Кунашир
Kunashir Island Южно-Курильский
Kunashir Island has been disputed between Japan and Russia since the end of WWII due to ambiguities in the Treaty of San Francisco. Though both countries claim it, the island is controlled by Russia.
Fullmoon Island 礼文島 Rebun Island 宗谷総合振興局 Sōya
Newmoon Island 利尻島 Rishiri Island 宗谷総合振興局 Sōya
Flower Paradise 阿頼度島 Atlasov/Araido island 千島列島 Kuril Islands Both are the northernmost islands of their respective zones: the Flower Paradise is the northernmost zone in Sinnoh, much like Araido, the northernmost island of the Kuril Islands.

Battle Zone

The Battle Zone is based on Sakhalin (Japanese: 樺太 Karafuto, Russian: Сахалин Sakhalin), a Russian island that used to be claimed by Japan (some parts of Sakhalin are still in dispute, but none of them are the basis for the Battle Zone).

Pokémon world Specific location Raion Notes
Fight Area Шебунино Shebunino Невельский Nevelsky
Survival Area Таранай Taranay Анивский Anivsky
Stark Mountain 鈴谷岳 Pik Chekhova ユジノサハリンスク Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
Resort Area Новиково Novikovo Корсаковский Korakovsky


File:Pokémon to real world Unova New York.png
A comparison of Unova to New York City and parts of eastern New Jersey

Unova has been said to be significantly distant from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. Instead of being based on an area of Japan, Unova is based on New York City, which is located between two states of New York and New Jersey. Both states are part of the United States.

Pokémon world Specific location State (New York City borough/county) Notes
Nuvema Town Howard Beach New York City (Queens) A Coney Island neighborhood, highly sought after by lower-middle-class families and with several individual houses (similar to the houses in Nuvema, which are only two stories tall).
Accumula Town Marine Park New York City (Brooklyn)
Striaton City Canarsie New York City (Brooklyn) Striaton makes a multitude of references to the glaciers that formed Long Island, including its location compared to the central land.
Nacrene City DUMBO
High Line
New York City (Brooklyn)
New York City (Manhattan)
DUMBO, an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, is a neighborhood in Brooklyn.
Pinwheel Forest Cadman Plaza park New York City (Brooklyn) A park near the Brooklyn Bridge.
Skyarrow Bridge Brooklyn Bridge New York City (Brooklyn and Manhattan) Also based on Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo, Japan
Castelia City Lower Manhattan New York City (Manhattan) Lower Manhattan is the business center of New York City, as well as the United States.
Unova Route 4 World Trade Center site? New York City (Manhattan) In all versions of the route, it is shown that the road is being built; in some versions, the route is shown in a desolate and reconstructed form.
Join Avenue Manhattan Mall New York City (Manhattan)
Nimbasa City Midtown Manhattan New York City (Manhattan)
Big Stadium and Small Court West Side Stadium and Madison Square Garden New York City (Manhattan) West Side Stadium was a proposed Olympic stadium that was cancelled in 2005. Considering American football, soccer, and baseball games are held at Big Stadium, it may also draw inspiration from Polo Grounds.
Gear Station A hybrid of Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station New York City (Manhattan) Grand Central Station and Penn Station serve as the primary hubs for train lines in the New York City area and bear architectural similarities to Gear Station.
Musical Theater Broadway New York City (Manhattan) Like Broadway, Pokémon Musical is often visited in the city where dances and choreography are done with their own stories just like a real musical.
Driftveil Drawbridge Lincoln Tunnel New York City (Manhattan) and New Jersey (Weehawken)
Driftveil City Union City New Jersey (Hudson County) Union City is known for its many mining companies. The Pokémon World Tournament stadium may reference the MetLife Stadium.
Mistralton City Teterboro New Jersey (Bergen County) The Mistralton City Airport's real-life counterpart is the Teterboro Airport.
Icirrus City Ridgefield New Jersey (Bergen County) A town founded by Dutch settlers, recognizable by its small classical European style buildings (similar to the rural atmosphere of Icirrus).
Moor of Icirrus Bear Swamp New Jersey (Cumberland County) Considered one of the oldest forests in the United States, it is famous for its elevated roads and birds.
Opelucid City Washington Heights New York City (Manhattan)
Shopping Mall Nine Palisades Center Mall West Nyack, New York (New York)
Village Bridge Robert F. Kennedy Bridge New York City (Manhattan, Queens and The Bronx)
Lacunosa Town Flushing New York City (Queens)
Undella Town A hybrid of Jamaica, Queens and The Hamptons New York City (Queens)
New York City (Suffolk County)
Geographically it fits in as Jamaica, but its description as a summer retreat is indicative of The Hamptons of Long Island.
Undella Bay Jamaica Bay New York City (Nassau County)
Marvelous Bridge Queensboro Bridge New York City (Manhattan and Queens)
Entralink Central Park New York City (Manhattan) The Entralink also draws inspiration from the Tokyo Imperial Palace.
Liberty Garden A hybrid of Liberty State Park and Liberty Island New Jersey (Hudson County)
New York City (Manhattan exclave)
Tubeline Bridge George Washington Bridge New York City (Manhattan) and New Jersey (Bergen County)
Unity Tower A hybrid of Headquarters of the United Nations and Ellis Island New York City (international territory)
New Jersey (Hudson County)
Aspertia City Elizabeth New Jersey (Union County)
Floccesy Town Newark, New Jersey New Jersey (Essex County)
Virbank City Jersey City New Jersey (Hudson County) Virbank Complex bears some resemblance to the oil refineries and tanker area located along the New Jersey Turnpike.
Marine Tube Ocean Parkway New York (Nassau County and Suffolk County)
Humilau City Long Island New York (Nassau County and Suffolk County) Humilau City generally resembles the nautical backdrop of many Long Island villages, specifically Jones Beach, New York or Fire Island, New York.
Lentimas Town Williamsburg New York City (Brooklyn) Lentimas Town's buildings closely resemble those of Santa Fe, New Mexico's Pueblo Revival style buildings.
Black City Long Island City New York City (Queens)
Anville Town Binghamton New York (Broome County) Anville Town is known for its roundhouse and turntable and is at the end of its rail line. Binghamton, New York was similarly at the end of a northern line and had both a roundhouse and turntable.
Pokémon League New York Botanical Garden New York City (The Bronx) The cupolas of the Pokémon League are reminiscent of the domes of the enclosure's three main greenhouses.


A comparison of Kalos to France

Kalos is based on the northern half of Metropolitan France and Alderney, one of the Channel Islands which are self-governing crown dependencies of the United Kingdom.

Pokémon world Specific location Administrative region Notes
Vaniville Town Moulins Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
Aquacorde Town Nevers Bourgogne-Franche-Comté The great bridge is probably based on a bridge on the river Loire in Nevers.
Santalune Forest Forest of Fontainebleau Île-de-France It is the most touristic forest in France.
Santalune City Fontainebleau Île-de-France The fountain on the central plaza might be based on the fontaine de Diane.
Lumiose City Paris Île-de-France Prism Tower is based on the Eiffel Tower, and the Lumiose Museum is based on the Louvre.
Camphrier Town Blois Centre-Val de Loire Shabboneau Castle is based on the Château de Blois.
Battle Chateau Château de Chenonceau Centre-Val de Loire
Rivière Walk Loire Valley and its surroundings Centre-Val de Loire and Pays de la Loire Nicknamed the Garden of France, it is a region known for its vineyards and vegetable crops, as well as its châteaus and castles.
Parfum Palace Palace of Versailles Île-de-France The king who ordered the construction of the palace and who is mentioned several times, is a reference to Louis XIV of France.
Ambrette Town La Rochelle Nouvelle-Aquitaine An aquarium lies in La Rochelle.
Glittering Cave Villars Cave Nouvelle-Aquitaine Villars is a cave famous for its stalagmites and stalactites. Junichi Masuda said in an interview that they relied on the Catacombs of Paris.
Cyllage City Saint-Nazaire Pays de la Loire
Menhir Trail and Geosenge Town Carnac Brittany Notable for its standing stones.
Reflection Cave La Roche-aux-Fées Brittany The concept is based on the legends of the Britons called Miroirs aux fées (fairies mirrors). Fairy mirrors are usually caves with bright quartz veins or lakes where they are said to live fairies and like to see themselves in them like a mirror.
Shalour City Saint-Malo Brittany In the anime, the city has a walled aspect; Saint-Malo is known for its fortresses and for being walled.
Tower of Mastery Mont Saint-Michel Normandy
Azure Bay The English Channel
Sea Spirit's Den Alderney Bailiwick of Guernsey Alderney is one of the Channel Islands which are self-governing crown dependencies of the United Kingdom.
Coumarine City Le Havre Normandy The city has a monorail and several trams, in addition, like the game, the coastal part is a large tourist area and the north is residential.
Kalos Power Plant Crucey Solar Park Centre-Val de Loire Built near from Chartres, it is a large solar energy station close to Paris, being the largest in northern France.
Laverre City Amiens Hauts-de-France The Laverre Nature Trail may refer to the hortillonnages.
Mélancolie Path Canal de l'Ourcq Île-de-France
Dendemille Town Charleville-Mézières Grand Est Charleville's region is known for its windmills.
Frost Cavern Mont Blanc Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Both are the highest mountains in their respective areas, belonging to a mountain range shared between several countries in the region, characterized by their cold climates and caves.
Anistar City Strasbourg Grand Est The sundial may be a reference to Strasbourg astronomical clock.
Couriway Town Molsheim Grand Est It is an Alsatian village with half-timbered houses.
Snowbelle City Besançon Bourgogne-Franche-Comté The nearby Jura Mountains are known for cold temperatures and sometimes nicknamed "Little Siberia".
Pokémon Village Parc naturel régional du Haut-Jura Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
Pokémon League Notre-Dame de Paris, Paris Île-de-France The Notre-Dame is a famous cathedral known for its example of French Gothic architecture. The Pokémon League may be based on the eastern face of the Notre-Dame cathedral and includes elements from other Gothic cathedrals.
Kiloude City Arles Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Both cities are located in the south, the houses of Arles are all with orange roofs and it was a city preferred by artists like Van Gogh and Picasso to seek inspiration, which is reflected in the painter of Kiloude Park.


File:Pokémon to real world Alola Hawaii.png
A comparison of Alola to Hawaii

Alola is based on Hawaii,[2] one of the states that is a part of the United States.

Pokémon world Specific location Island Notes
Melemele Island Oʻahu Houses the state capital and the former monarchy of Hawaii. Its designated island color is yellow (melemele in Hawaiian) and its designated island flower is the ʻilima.
Hau'oli City Honolulu Oʻahu The state capital of Hawaii.
Hau'oli City Beachfront Waikīkī Oʻahu Waikiki and its beaches are a notable tourist destination in Hawaii.
Hau'oli City Shopping District Ala Moana Oʻahu The mall is based on the Ala Moana Center, the largest shopping mall in Hawaiʻi.
Hau'oli City Marina Pearl Harbor Oʻahu
Hau'oli City Outskirts Hawaiʻi Kai Oʻahu One of the largest residential areas in O'ahu.
Iki Town Wahiawā Oʻahu
Mahalo Trail ʻAiea Loop Trail Oʻahu
Big Wave Beach Banzai Pipeline/Sunset Beach Oʻahu Both beaches are noted for their big wave surfing.
Verdant Cavern Kaneana Cave (Makua Cave) Oʻahu
Ten Carat Hill Diamond Head Oʻahu Necrozma's appearance here in Pokémon Sun and Moon references the historical belief by western sailors that the calcite crystals near the mountain were diamonds.
Hau'oli Cemetery National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific Oʻahu A popular tourist attraction dedicated to honor members of the armed forces, it is the largest cemetery in the state.
Berry fields Dole Plantation Oʻahu The largest currently operating pineapple plantation in the state.
Melemele Meadow Oahu Forest National Wildlife Refuge Oʻahu A National Wildlife Refuge dedicated to preserving and restoring populations of endangered honeycreepers.
Seaward Cave Spitting Cave Oʻahu
Kala'e Bay Hanauma Bay Oʻahu A popular tourist attraction on Oʻahu, the bay is a nature sanctuary is well known for its efforts for preserving native marine life.
Ruins of Conflict Puʻu o Mahuka Heiau Oʻahu The largest heiau on Oahu.
Melemele Sea Kaiwi Channel Oʻahu An ocean channel that separates Oahu from Molokaʻi.
Akala Island Maui Its designated island color is pink (ʻākala in Hawaiian).
Heahea City Kahului Maui
Heahea Beach Peahi Maui
Pikachu Valley ʻIao Valley Maui
Brooklet Hill ʻOheʻo Gulch Maui Known for its cascading series of pools, sometimes known as the "Seven Sacred Pools."
Paniola Town Makawao Maui A community on Maui known to be dominated by agriculture and ranch lands.
Paniola Ranch Haleakala Ranch Maui Largest ranch on Maui.
Royal Avenue Wailuku Maui The Battle Royal Dome is based on the War Memorial Stadium.
Dividing Peak Tunnel Olowalu Tunnel Maui A long road tunnel that connects Lahaina to Wailuku. Located on Honoapi'ilani Highway.
Diglett's Tunnel Hana Lava Tube Maui Also known as Ka’eleku Cave, it is a large Lava Tube that originates from Haleakalā.
Konikoni City Lāhainā Maui Lahaina is one of numerous locations of Hawaii where Chinese immigrants immigrated to work on local sugar cane plantations. Lahaina houses the only two Chinese Society Halls exist and are maintained in Hawaii.
Hano Grand Resort Grand Wailea Resort Maui The most prominent hotel in the Wailea area.
Hano Beach Wailea Maui Waialea is an area of Maui noted for its numerous grand hotels.
Wela Volcano Park Haleakalā National Park Maui The tallest volcano on Maui and is currently inactive. Terrain is closer to Kīlauea.
Lush Jungle Hana Forest Reserve Maui It is the largest tropical forest on the island of Maui.
Ruins of Life Piʻilanihale Heiau Maui The largest heiau in the State of Hawaii.
Ula'ula Island Hawaii Island The largest island in the archipelago. Its designated island color is red (ʻulaʻula in Hawaiian).
Malie City Hilo Hawaii Island Largest settlement on Hawaii Island. Noted locally for its particularly rainy climate.
Malie Garden Liliuokalani Park and Gardens Hawaii Island Designed like an Edo-style Japanese garden, having numerous structures such as pagodas, torii (traditional Japanese gate), and a Japanese teahouse.
Mount Hokulani Mauna Kea Hawaii Island The largest mountain in the world when measured from its base below sea level. Currently a dormant volcano.
Hokulani Observatory Mauna Kea Observatories Hawaii Island A number of observatories located on the summit of Mauna Kea due to its ideal conditions for astronomy research.
Blush Mountain Kīlauea Hawaii Island A currently active volcano. A power plant in the Puna district of Hawaii used the geothermal vents from Kilauea to generate electricity until the 2018 eruptions caused its temporary shutdown.
Secluded ShoreSM/Ula'ula BeachUSUM Kaimū Hawaii Island A black sand beach that requires an extensive hike from the nearest automobile accessible road.
Tapu Village Kalapana Hawaii Island A former inhabited town that was destroyed by a Kīlauea lava flow in 1986. Pele, Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes, is believed to be the cause of the town's destruction.
Haina Desert Kaʻū Desert Hawaii Island Although not a true desert, the sulfur dioxide from Kīlauea's sulfuric lava plumes creates enough acid rain that plant growth is severely inhibited.
Ula'ula Meadow Honuaʻula Forest Reserve Hawaii Island
Lake of the Sunne/Lake of the Moone Lake Waiau Hawaii Island The largest lake in Hawaii, located on Mauna Kea
Po Town Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park Hawaii Island The most notable of many locations in Hawaii where people who broke Kapu could escape to. Such sites are difficult to enter and heavily protected, but once entered, a Kahuna on site could bless the individual, pardoning their crime.
Mount Lanakila Mauna Loa Hawaii Island The largest shield volcano on earth; it is currently active. Mauna Loa is one of two locations to annually have snow in Hawaii, the other being Mauna Kea.
Ruins of Abundance Puʻukoholā Heiau Hawaii Island The largest heiau on Hawaii Island, and the last heiau ever built.
Poni Island Kauaʻi Its designated island color is purple (poni in Hawaiian).
Seafolk Village Port Allen Kauaʻi
Poni Wilds Kalalau Valley Kauaʻi A secluded valley on the northwest side of Kaua'i. It has no inhabitants and is completely inaccessible by automobiles.
Poni Beach Pakala Beach Kauaʻi
Poni Breaker Coast Poʻipū Kauaʻi Famous for the geological blowhole known locally as Spouting Horn.
Ruins of Hope Wailua River State Park Kauaʻi An area of Kauaʻi containing several important heiau. Malae is the largest heiau on Kaua'i while Poliʻahu is the most important heiau in Kaua'i lore.
Ancient Poni Path Waimea Kauaʻi The site where the first western contact to the Hawaiian islands were made by James Cook
Vast Poni Canyon Waimea Canyon State Park Kauaʻi A large canyon carved by the abundant rainfall from Mount Wai'ale'ale, it is nicknamed the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.
Altar of the Sunne/Altar of the Moone Mount Waiʻaleʻale/Kawaikini Kauaʻi Mount Wai'ale'ale is the main volcano of Kauaʻi and is currently extinct. Kawaikini is the tallest peak of the mountain.
Poni Grove Līhuʻe Kauaʻi Known locally for its location Kukui Grove and Grove Farms.
Poni Plains Kapaʻa/Wailua Kauaʻi
Plains Grotto Fern Grotto Kauaʻi
Poni Meadow Alakaʻi Wilderness Preserve Kauaʻi A swamp region of Kauaʻi due to the high concentration of rain water from Waiʻaleʻale.
Resolution Cave Maniniholo Dry Cave Kauaʻi It was believed to once house a malicious spirit deep in the cave.
Poni Coast Kalihiwai Kauaʻi Notable for several waterfalls that are located on the side of the main highway.
Poni Gauntlet Hanalei Kauaʻi
Battle Tree Ha'ena Kauaʻi
Exeggutor Island Niʻihau/Kahoʻolawe Geographically located as Niʻihau to Kauaʻi, though the lack of human inhabitants is similar to Kahoʻolawe. Both require boats and special permission to travel to.
Aether Paradise Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument consists of all the islands located northwest of Niʻihau in the Hawaiian archipelago. It is a U.S. National Monument and nature preserve dedicated to preserving and protecting numerous Hawaiʻi endemic endangered species.
Poké Pelago Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Small, uninhabited islands and atolls northwest of the main eight Hawaiian islands. Many native endemic Hawaiian organisms inhabit these islands.


File:Pokémon to real world Galar United Kingdom.png
A comparison of Galar to the United Kingdom

Galar is based on the United Kingdom,[3] with the region focusing heavily on the island of Great Britain, flipped upside-down as if being viewed from the north. The main region itself is based mostly on England and Wales, while the Crown Tundra is based on Scotland. The Isle of Armor is based on the Isle of Man, which is a self-governing crown dependency of the United Kingdom.[4][5]

Pokémon world Specific location County/Shire Country Notes
Postwick Keswick[5]
Cumbria England One of the most popular tourist sites in the Lake District, located close to Bowness-on-Windermere on the shores of Lake Windermere.
Route 1 New Road/Lake Road Cumbria England The main link road between Windermere and Bowness-on-Windermere.
Wedgehurst Bowness-on-Windermere[5] Cumbria England Located on the shores of Lake Windermere, it is one of the most popular tourist sites in the Lake District.
Route 2 Near and Far Sawrey Cumbria England Two villages that act as one tourist attraction because of Hill Top Farm, the home of Peter Rabbit author Beatrix Potter.
Slumbering Weald Grizedale Forest Cumbria England A forest area located within the Lake District. It is famous for its magic- and poetry-themed statues. The altar dedicated to Zacian and Zamazenta is similar to the Forest Fugue sculpture.
Wild Area Lake District National Park[5]/Peak District National Park Cumbria/Derbyshire England Two of the most popular national parks in England. The Lake District, the inspiration for the southern section of the Wild Area, is known for its mountains and inland lakes, whilst the Peak District, the inspiration for the northern section of the Wild Area, is known for its peaks and rolling hills.
Motostoke Manchester[5] Greater Manchester England The third-largest city in the United Kingdom, known for its industrial and railway past. The many structures were inspired from the Castlefield area.
Motostoke Stadium Manchester Town Hall Greater Manchester England A Victorian Neo-Gothic building situated within the city.
Route 3 Astley Green Colliery Greater Manchester England A former coal mine that is now a Museum
Galar Mine Standedge Tunnels Greater Manchester/West Yorkshire England A trans-Pennine route for both rail and canal.
Route 4 Yorkshire Wolds East Riding of Yorkshire/North Yorkshire England Low-lying hills that are situated east from the city of York.
Turffield Amesbury[5] Wiltshire England A town located nearby the prehistoric Stonehenge. A hill figure, the Kilburn White Horse, is located in the North York Moors, but the one in Galar that depicts a Gigantamax Toxtricity in an ancient Max Raid Battle resembles the Uffington White Horse. The fact that Turffield is situated within the standing stones was also inspired by Avebury.
Route 5 Ribblehead Viaduct North Yorkshire England A scenic railway viaduct that carries the Settle-Carlisle Railway over the River Ribble.
Hulbury Liverpool Merseyside England A major seaport that is known for the Albert Dock and Liver Building. It is also the birthplace of The Beatles. The houses built on a slope may have been inspired by St Ives, Cornwall.
Galar Mine No. 2 Mersey Tunnels Merseyside England Major tunnels that cross under the River Mersey.
Motostoke Outskirts Runcorn Railway Bridge Cheshire England A railway bridge that crosses the River Mersey between Runcorn and Widnes. It is parallel to the Silver Jubilee Bridge.
Hammerlocke Birmingham West Midlands England The second-largest city in the United Kingdom. It is known for its vast canal network, which gives it the nickname the Venice of the North.
Hammerlocke Stadium Warwick Castle Warwickshire England A medieval castle with over a thousand years of history.
Energy Plant Chamberlain Clock tower (Body) and BT Tower (summit) West Midlands England Both are the tallest buildings in Birmingham and constitute heritage of the city.
Route 6 Cat and Fiddle Road Cheshire/Derbyshire England A scenic and dangerous road in the United Kingdom that passes over the Peak District between Macclesfield and Buxton. The route is named after a pub located at its summit. The desert theme may also be based on Dungeness, which is known to be the only desert in the United Kingdom.
Stow-on-Side Buxton Derbyshire England A spa town that is described as "The Gateway to the Peak District National Park". It is home to Poole's Cavern and is also known for its spring water. Its name, as well as its potteries, may have been a reference to Stoke-on-Trent.
Glimwood Tangle Sherwood Forest[5] Nottinghamshire England A well-known forest in the East Midlands that is said to be the home to the famous folklore character, Robin Hood.
Ballonlea Stratford-Upon-Avon/Lavenham Warwickshire/Suffolk England Stratford-Upon-Avon is famous for being the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Lavenham is famous for its legends about witches.
Route 7 Severn Tunnel Gloucestershire/Monmouthshire England/Wales A railway tunnel that goes under the Severn Estuary.
Route 8 Glastonbury Abbey Somerset England The ruins of an old abbey that is said to have links to King Arthur. It is rumored the site is actually Avalon.
Circhester Bath[5] Somerset England A Roman spa city famous for its Georgian style buildings, geothermal hot springs, and the rows of houses such as the Circus and Royal Crescent.
Route 9 Cardigan Bay Dyfed/Gwynedd Wales A large inlet in the Irish Sea that makes up most of Wales' coastline.
Spikemuth Llandudno Clwyd Wales A seaside resort known for its parade rows of houses and the Great Orme headland.
Route 9 Tunnel Conwy Tunnel Clwyd Wales An underwater road tunnel that goes under the River Conwy.
Route 10 Snowdonia Clwyd/Gwynedd Wales A mountain range in Wales and National Park, with its highest mountain being Mount Snowdon.
Wyndon London[5] Greater London England The largest city and the capital of the United Kingdom. Home to Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, the London Eye, and Piccadilly Circus.
Wyndon Stadium Wembley Stadium Greater London England The largest and most important stadium in the British Isles.
Rose Tower/Battle Tower The Shard/ArcelorMittal Orbit Greater London England The Shard is the tallest building in the United Kingdom. The ArcelorMittal Orbit was built for the 2012 Olympic Games and is now a slide attraction.
Isle of Armor Isle of Man Isle of Man An island in the middle of the Irish Sea that is a crown dependency of the United Kingdom. It has its own culture, including myths and legends connected to fairies, and is world-famous for its Manx Grand Prix.
Challenge Road Peel Glenfaba Isle of Man A seaside town that is home to the replica of the Odin's Raven Longboat in the House of Manannan Museum; and Peel Castle, which is said to be haunted by a Black Dog called Moddey Dhoo. Its location atop a mountain may also be a reference to Snaefell, the highest mountain on the island.
Challenge Beach Douglas Middle Isle of Man The capital of the Isle of Man, which is home to many railways such as the Douglas Bay Horse Tram, the Isle of Man Railway, and the Snaefell Mountain Railway. It is the only ferry port on the island that connects to the mainland and Ireland.
Forest of Focus Fairy Bridge Middle Isle of Man A famous parish boundary bridge where fairies are said to dwell. People would say "Hello Fairies" when they cross and often leave wishes and notes beside the tree for good luck.
Honeycalm Island Calf of Man Bride Isle of Man A small islet located off the south coast.
Honeycalm Sea and Insular Sea Calf Sound Isle of Man A body of water with various islets, which separate the Calf of Man.
Loop Lagoon Ramsey Bay Rushen Isle of Man A bay that was designated as a nature reserve.
Crown Tundra Scottish Highlands Scotland A vast mountain range in the northern parts of Scotland, home to the famous Loch Ness and Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the island of Great Britain.
Freezington Edinburgh Scotland
Crown Shrine Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Scotland An immense medieval castle that in the past was home to the kings, this refers to the fact that in the past it was the place where Calyrex was worshiped.
Old Cemetery and Giant's Bed Crosbie Castle and the Fullarton estate Troon, South Ayrshire Scotland The ruins of an old royal chapel, famous for the old graveyard.
Ballimere Lake and Dyna Tree Hill Loch Lomond Stirlingshire/Dunbartonshire Scotland The most largest Loch in Scotland. The name literally means Lake of the Elms, in reference to the Dynamax Tree, that resemble an Elm.

Side regions


File:Pokémon to real world Orre Phoenix US-AZ.png
Comparison of Orre to Phoenix, Arizona

Orre is based on Phoenix, Arizona, United States.[7]

Pokémon world Specific location State Notes
Phenac City Phoenix Arizona Both cities were founded when a man brought water to the city.
Pyrite Town Likely inspired by former mining towns such as Aguila and Wickenburg.
The Under
Agate Village Flagstaff Arizona Flagstaff is located in the mountains north of Phoenix and has some prominent alpine forests due to its higher elevation. It is possibly also a nod to Arizona's snowbird population.
Gateon Port Lake Havasu City Arizona A town located beside large bodies of water northwest of Phoenix/Phenac, which is home to lighthouses and unusual bridges.
Mt. Battle San Francisco volcanic field Arizona An area of dormant volcanoes in Arizona, located near Flagstaff. May be specifically based on Humphreys Peak, the highest peak of the range, or any of the nearby cinder cones in the area.

Spin-off regions


File:Pokémon to real world Fiore Okayama Hyōgo Shodo Island.png
Comparison of Fiore to Okayama and Hyōgo Prefectures, and Shōdo Island

Fiore appears to be based on Okayama and Hyōgo Prefectures, as well as Shōdo Island in Kagawa Prefecture, in Japan.

Pokémon world Specific location Notes
Ringtown Kurashiki Okayama Prefecture Both have a nearby river on the west, forests on the opposite side, and are close to the coast. Unlike Kurashiki, however, Ringtown doesn't have a port and the river doesn't traverse the settlement.
Summerland Fukuda, Shōdo Island Kagawa Prefecture In-game, a tourist references how the S.S. Fiore ferries to Summerland. Similarly, there is a ferry route connecting Fukuda to Himeji. A resort in Summerland is also referenced, and present in Fukuda.
Fall City Himeji Hyōgo Prefecture A port city lying east from Kurashiki. Similarly to Fall City, it has water streams running through.
Wintown Mimasaka Okayama Prefecture
Fiore Temple Himeji Castle Hyōgo Prefecture The best known of the Japanese castles
Olive Jungle Shōdo Island Kagawa Prefecture A popular tourist destination, this island saw the first successful olive cultivation in Japan, hence its nickname Olive Island.
Lyra Forest Forest areas neighboring Asakuchi Okayama Prefecture
Sekra Range Mount Hyōno/Hiruzen Okayama Prefecture
Kisara Plain Yoshiokakawakita Park, possibly also other parks. Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture
Kalakka Desert (Unused) Tottori Sand Dunes Tottori Prefecture Vast desert dunes in the north of Kurashiki and Okayama that make up the only desert badland in Japan.


File:Pokémon to real world Almia Oshima.png
Comparison of Almia to Oshima and northern Honshu

Almia appears to be based on Oshima and Hiyama Subprefectures within the Oshima Peninsula in Hokkaido and the very northern part of Honshu in Japan.

Pokémon world Specific location Prefecture (subprefecture) Notes
Chicole Village 松前町 Matsumae 北海道渡島総合振興局 Hokkaido (Oshima)
Vientown 江差町 Esashi 北海道檜山振興局 Hokkaido (Hiyama)
Vien Forest 函館山 Mount Hakodate 北海道渡島総合振興局 Hokkaido (Oshima) Mount Hakodate attracts tourists for its view of Hakodate.
Pueltown 函館市 Hakodate 北海道渡島総合振興局 Hokkaido (Oshima) Hakodate and Pueltown are both port cities.
Altru Park 五稜郭公園 Goryōkaku Park 北海道渡島総合振興局 Hokkaido (Oshima) The Goryōkaku Tower overlooks Goryōkaku Park.
Altru Building
Altru Tower
五稜郭タワー Goryōkaku Tower 北海道渡島総合振興局 Hokkaido (Oshima) The observation tower, which overlooks Goryōkaku Park, was rebuilt from 2004 to 2006.
Boyleland むつ市 Mutsu 青森県 Aomori
Boyleland Volcano 恐山 Mount Osore 青森県 Aomori
Shiver Camp ニセコ町 Niseko 北海道後志総合振興局 Hokkaido (Shiribeshi) Niseko is home to multiple ski resorts.
Haruba Village 青森市 Aomori 青森県 Aomori The Port of Aomori operates ferries to Hakodate.
Capture Arena 渡島大島 Ōshima 北海道渡島総合振興局 Hokkaido (Oshima) The uninhabited island is also a nature preserve.


File:Pokémon to real world Oblivia Oki Islands.png
Comparison of Oblivia to the Oki Islands

Oblivia may be based on the Oki Islands in Shimane Prefecture.

Pokémon world Specific location Prefecture Notes
Dolce Island
Renbow Island
Cocona Village
Mitonga Island
Tilt Village
Faldera Island
Sophian Island Dōgojima 島後 Shimane Prefecture 島根県 It is the largest island of the Oki archipelago and the one that contains the capital of the islands.
Aqua Resort Okinoshima City 隠岐の島町 Shimane Prefecture 島根県 Both are the largest and most populated cities of their islands. Both are port cities.
Layuda Island
Mt. Sorbet Mt. Daimanji Dōgojima Both are the tallest mountains in the islands.
Tilikule Island


Lental may be based on the Galápagos Islands in Ecuador.

Pokémon world Specific location Notes
Florio Island Floreana Island
Belusylva Island Isabela Island


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While the above locations are meant to correspond to the different regions around the real-life world, great liberties were taken with the design of their landscapes. Some of the designers have admitted to drawing inspiration from real-world locations outside their stated real-world counterparts, especially with locations depicted in Pokémon movies.

Pokémon world Inspiration Notes
200px Porta Vista Acapulco Guerrero, Mexico
230px Neon Town Las Vegas Nevada, United States
230px Hollywood Hollywood, Los Angeles California, United States
230px Whitestone Ostuni Apulia, Italy The white façade of Whitestone's buildings is reminiscent of the medieval town of Ostuni. Domed buildings in the background draw inspiration from Byzantine architecture, and flat-roofed structures mirror those of the city's real-world counterpart.
230px Alto Mare Venice Italy Venice's canals were likely an inspiration for the canals of Alto Mare.
230px Forina Wulingyuan Hunan, China Wulingyuan is famed for its karst formation of quartzite sandstone pillars. Along with its ravines and gorges, the site also features a lush forest, several caves, natural bridges, and waterfalls.
230px LaRousse City Vancouver British Columbia, Canada Vancouver is the city with the best quality of life in Canada and like the movie, it is a very ecological city with many scientific facilities.
230px Sootopolis City Santorini Greece Like its name suggests, Sootopolis City was created in the wake of a volcanic eruption (per Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald). Similarly, Santorini, Greece, was formed as a result of the Minoan eruption, which left a large caldera that filled with water and became the current bay in the center of the island of Santorini (Thera). Both cities boast landscapes dotted with vivid blue domed roofs.
230px Cameran Palace Neuschwanstein Castle Bavaria, Germany
230px Samiya Atlantis
230px Solaceon Ruins Ziggurat of Ur Dhi Qar Governorate, Iraq
230px Alamos Town Barcelona Catalonia, Spain The Space-Time Towers are based on the uncompleted church of Sagrada Familia.
230px Ten'i Village Geiranger Sunnmøre, Norway A village that was nearly destroyed by a glacier. It is based on a town in Norway, which is threatened by the possibility of the mountain Åkerneset eroding into the fjord, causing a landslide-induced tsunami.
230px Michina Town Meteora Thessaly, Greece Its landscape, which is filled with towering rock formations, resembles Meteora. Also, the architecture of the temples resembles that of ancient Greek temples.
230px Crown City Amsterdam The Netherlands Its modern buildings are based on the many new buildings in parts of Amsterdam, and the Pokémon Baccer stadium is based on the Arena, the city's local football stadium.
230px Area 28 Area 51 Nevada, United States
230px Eindoak Town Gourdon, Tourrettes-sur-Loup and Mont Saint-Michel France
230px Roshan City Shinjuku, Shinagawa, and Tennouzu Isle Tokyo, Japan The Roshan tower is inspired by the Tokyo Skytree.
230px New Tork City New York City New York, United States A giant sprawling city with many skyscrapers, a large park in the middle of the city resembling Central Park, and a similar name. New Tork City as seen from above also resembles New York City's shape.
230px Kalos Canyon Grand Canyon Arizona, United States
230px Avignon Town Avignon and Quebec City France and Canada A city in the south of France. The castle of Avignon Town, however, is based on the Château Frontenac, a large hotel that overlooks Quebec City much like Avignon Town's castle overlooks the town.
230px Orsay City Toronto Ontario, Canada A city in southern Ontario famous for its port and city skylines. Like Toronto, Orsay City has a large port as well. The large mall in the city is based on the Toronto Eaton Centre, a large mall in the center of city.
230px Diamond Domain Naica crystal cave Chihuahua, Mexico Colossal cave of several white crystals of Selenite in Chihuahua, and many of them are the largest in the whole world.
230px Allearth Forest Golden Horseshoe, Niagara Falls, and Niagara Escarpment Canada and United States Like several elements of the movie based in Canada, the design of the waterfalls is quite similar to the Niagara Falls which are recognizable as vertical falls and two large walls of water.
230px Dahara City Dubai and Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Dubai is located within the Arabian Desert and houses some of the world's tallest skyscrapers. The highest skyscraper is based on the Burj Khalifa.
230px Fleurrh City showcase theater Metz and the Pompidou Grand Est, France The modernist and undulating design of the theater could be based on that of the Centre Pompidou-Metz, which also operates as a theater and show room.
230px Gloire City Menthon-Saint-Bernard Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France A coastal city located on Lake Annecy, famous for its medieval Château perched above on a 660-foot-tall rock.
230px Azoth Kingdom Carcassonne Occitanie, France Occitanie is an ancient city famous for being the meeting point between the Mediterranean and the towns of the Massif Central (the inspiration for the Nebel Plateau). It is also recognizable by its enormous walls of the citadel.
230px Nebel Plateau Massif Central and Chaîne des Puys France This area is similar to the Auvergne volcanoes in the Massif Central, which is a highland region containing large mountain ranges and vast plateaus full of greenery and rich biodiversity.
230px Fula City San Francisco and Los Angeles California, United States The eternal flame complex is reminiscent of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, while Fula City's carnival pier is similar to the Santa Monica Pier, both located in the state of California.

Real-world locations mentioned

File:Mewtwo in the City.png
Mewtwo overlooking a "faraway city" at the end of Mewtwo Returns
File:AG145 noodles.png
Chinese noodles
  • In the Swedish dub of the movie, Ash says that they come from Norway, a reference to the Norse Vikings who lived from the 8th to the 11th century.
  • In the Danish dub of the movie, Ash tells Brock that the Vikings are mostly on trips in Sweden, again referring to the Norse Vikings, but may also refer to Vikingarna, a Swedish dansband.
  • In the Finnish dub of the movie, Ash quips that Vikings still live in the Sipoo archipelago, referring to the fact that Sipoo was at the time mostly inhabited by Swedish-speaking Finns (another reference to Norse Vikings).
  • At the end of Mewtwo Returns, Mewtwo is shown overlooking a "faraway city" that greatly resembles New York City. Buildings similar to the Chrysler Building and the MetLife Building are visible in the distance.
  • In Pokémon Heroes: Latios & Latias, Misty makes a direct reference to the Earth, saying, "The Earth is so pretty." However, she may be referring to the landscape rather than the literal planet.
  • In Can't Beat the Heat, Ash's Charizard uses Seismic Toss. Normally, a cloudy globe can be seen, but this time the Pacific Ocean and Australia are prominent. This also happens in Volcanic Panic and the introduction to Mewtwo Strikes Back.
  • In the English dub of The Scheme Team, Jessie talks about Antarctica, the place where their next assignment is located.
  • In Pasta La Vista!, an ad in May's food guidebook mentions "Chinese noodles".
  • A map of the Pokémon world seen in The Bloom Is On Axew! centered on Unova features several landmasses resembling Europe and Scandinavia, with some of them either being rotated or flipped.
  • In the Hindi dub of Oshawott's Lost Scalchop!, while Ash's Oshawott was perfecting Aqua Jet, Cilan states "जाना था जापान पर पहुंच गए चाइना" (lit. Jānā thā Japan, par pahunch gaye China), which refers to the real-world countries of Japan and China. The phrase itself can be interpreted roughly as "The aim and the result were different".
  • In Movie Time! Zorua in "The Legend of the Pokémon Knight"!, the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe were seen on a movie poster.
  • In the Hindi dub of Mega Revelations! , Meowth says "हम सब जानते हैं कश्मीर से कन्याकुमारी तक" (lit. Ham sab jānte hain, Kashmīr se Kanyākumāri tak). This is a common Indian saying, roughly translating to "Our knowledge is supreme", which refers to the Indian subcontinent's northernmost region, Kashmir, and its southernmost city, Kanyakumari.
  • Starting with the sixteenth movie, each Pokémon movie features a recurring globe texture in the intro used to represent the Pokémon world (as opposed to simply featuring randomly-shaped, nondescript landmasses below the clouds): the globe texture features altered landmasses such as one resembling Africa but featuring only the Sahara Desert and the southern half being missing, a large island to the northwest of the Sahara-like landmass, the Arabian Peninsula missing several large chunks, a landmass resembling Australia but rotated 90 degrees clockwise in the middle of a body of water resembling the Indian Ocean, and the northeastern portion of Russia being missing. However, other parts of the globe remain virtually unchanged, like those resembling most of Europe, the Indian subcontinent, Central and Southeast Asia, and Papua New Guinea.
  • In Mega Evolution Special IV, a holographic globe can be seen inside Lysandre Labs. The globe features continents similar to the real Earth, implying that the planet's continents may probably look very similar to that of the real Earth, and that all of the known regions in the Pokémon world may actually in fact be smaller parts of a much larger landmass.
  • In the TCG Lucky Stadium (Neo Destiny 100) card, there is a promotional New York City print with a Pichu and a Pikachu flying on a Charizard in New York City, with the Empire State Building visible in the background.
  • In the planetarium special Celestial Debris, a map of the Pokémon world can be seen on a computer monitor. The map texture looks very similar to the one used to represent the planet in later Pokémon films, with three landmasses resembling North America, Europe, and eastern Russia all appearing upside down.

Real-world people and cultures mentioned

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